This week in sports history


Hello sports fans in the west here to take you on a journey back to this week in sports history will start up way back in eighteen sixty nine with the Cincinnati red stockings to become the first professional baseball team this week in nineteen hundred baseball's American League meets in Chicago and announces the American League will be made up of the Chicago white stockings at the Washington Senators the Milwaukee Brewers the Detroit Tigers Cleveland blues Boston Americans Philadelphia athletics and Baltimore this week in nineteen twelve pitcher cy young retires from baseball with five hundred and eleven wins this week in nineteen sixty the NFL Chicago cardinals moved to Saint Louis they play their three nineteen eighty seven this week in nineteen sixty two wilt chamberlain is the first to score four thousand points in an NBA season this week in nineteen seventy eight the NFL permanently adds a seventh official the side judge also this week in nineteen seventy eight the Oakland Athletics trade vita blue to the San Francisco Giants for seven players and three hundred and ninety thousand

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