Top New York City ER doc commits suicide, shaken by coronavirus onslaught


Very sad news about a frontline medical employee employee was was finding finding the the pandemic pandemic every every day day in in New New York York City City tragedy tragedy hits hits a a New New York York City City medical medical community community with with the the loss loss of of an an E. E. R. R. doctor doctor who who took took her her own own life life Sunday Sunday Charlottesville Charlottesville police confirm that Dr Lorna brain was rushed to you VA hospital where she died from self inflicted injuries brain was the medical director at New York Presbyterian Allen hospital her father told The New York Times that doctor bring contract the corona virus herself and tried to return to work a week and a half later to help our colleagues but he said his daughter couldn't complete her twelve hour shift she then traveled to Virginia to spend time with her family her father said that Dr Brene often talked about work and about the onslaught of corona virus patients her department has seen and the toll the bars took on them her father says he wants her to be remembered as a

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