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About a job as a mention one thing briefly I'm just watching the coronavirus task force updated and doctor Burks is talking about we spent a lot of talking about last hour that they have revised that model and of the United Kingdom as to how many Americans could die from corona virus that two point two million projection and five hundred thousand deaths of Britain and now the British numbers down to twenty thousand obvious to our number is way down she's explaining to the reporters how the modeling work send what do you know she started talking about the people that are a symptomatic if you don't include that you don't know that you know that you know how to explain how would you lose that population the death rates you know can seem extreme normatively way too high ray I get get the audio of her because I'm I want to play that coming up yeah I don't know how you minutes or what what what's happened in the last five minutes and just walk I'm sorry I have to I have to interrupt is it my imagination or she's always dressed like a flight attendant on delta airlines throwback I just she she has these colorful cigars and we and we were talking about it's Neil Ferguson imperial college the researcher he his research predicted to up to two point two million deaths that's why trump went into action with the lockdown recommendations that's why Newsome well it lost his I can't use the word yeah he wasn't as mine twenty five billion case with twenty five billion cases yeah I mean I mean that was absurd and he never explained it and it goes back to imperial college Neil Ferguson Ferguson now saying is pulling back on all this gaffer talk to don't know that is what alarmed the trump administration when that report came out they really stepped up a couple weeks ago when talking about you know the need to stay home obviously he's relaxed off that a bit but now we're seeing that the research is set completely overstated the problem open today maybe new simple backtrack it is stupid twenty five million number yeah but anybody but you know is it that they said later well but that's not any measures taken now that we quarantine of course is not gonna be twenty five million calories what we need to keep quarantining people yeah it's very convenient search this quote we're adapting to the reality on the ground yeah so enough with models look at what it is it is exactly happening if you took that U. K. modeling and applied it to a fully which only has about sixty million people we have over three hundred million do it about four hundred thousand deaths the number is much lower than that so far yeah anyway let's let's get back to Steve Gregory's monitoring LA county for us all right so part two is that this these controversies with sheriff Alex Vienna wave what what is the gun shops being closed by the in a way that replay and now what's what's that so initially he wanted to close the gun shops because he considered them nonessential but then obviously got immediate blowback so he waited to defer to the governor's office the governor said the other day in one of his press events that he was going to defer those decisions to the county sheriffs which are fifty eight counties in California so just a little bit ago and this to be cut double a Tony big the sheriff of valley county announced this is his action let it be known that we're going to proceed forward and we're going to shut down gun sales and ammunition sales outside of law enforcement and private security organisations that'll be affected for all of unincorporated Los Angeles county and the forty two cities which we provide contract law enforcement services to we met and conferred with the LA county chiefs of police association and we're going to do for I'm going to defer to the each individual chief of police to establish what will be for their their their city and the city of LA for example they have banned all gun shops to close them drug throughout the duration this pandemic and the city of Pasadena is going to follow our our standard and it'll be up to each individual chief of police and there's forty five in Los Angeles county so there it during this forty five independent intelligence departments escorted by forty two other towns use the sheriff's department right so in those towns the gun shops will be closed only yes and unless you're a security guard in our alignment so all right what what is this about him being removed as head of emergency operations by the County Board of supervisors you know that's something that's actually been going on for quite some time the the County Board of supervisors has attempted back in the pocket days had been attempting to sort of restructure the way the county operates in times of crisis like this and in this is emergency operations center which the county has the there's at this hierarchy that goes in place and I want to get too deep in the weeds here but basically it means that when it comes down to the operational structure you've got that the chief of the fire department and the deputy the sheriff and you they work together in this incident command structure and they're the ones who make decisions on how things are distributed and operated and things like that and is sure if in a way that was pointing out today this is the first time that he can recall because remember he's been in the department a lot of years this the first time he can recall but the health department has been part of a massive operation it's typically wild fires earthquakes mudslides and things like that so now that the the health departments in there and then the board of supervisors are sort of putting their fingers in the pie and the supervisors over the years have been thinking that they want to restructure where this happens they want the command structure to be re done so where the board of supervisors actually has control over the emergency operations plan within the county and Vienna wave is not keen on that I they got pushback from McDonnell and I suppose from Bach I didn't I didn't know it back then but from a Donnelly no he was pushing back on that because these are things that should be actually operated by law enforcement because that's where the incident command structure comes from it derives from the military and law enforcement so what's happening is basically more supervisors are doing a power grab they want that control over the entire operation okay meanwhile anymore inmates being released not as of yet but if you want to hear really quickly on this yeah this cut double be here so the sheriff was asked about it at the press conference today about the power struggle what we have seen strangely in these press conferences we see a lot of people getting in front of the the microphone and and thanking each other and I'd say let's stop the thanking each other and let's focus on the task at hand and when it is all said and done and we've done our best and worked a base with everybody collaborative Lee and respecting each other then at the end of the day that'll be the time to thank everyone we'll start with the people on the ground there depending on good leadership when we have this type of thing unfortunately people that may have an important message is going to get lost because people are going to tune you out the viewer fatty become background noise and people just are not going to care hi teak if it ever had a prophetic he's done is really good I think it's Barger is what she didn't like the gun stops being close is not part of the yes well that's part of it too yeah but that's that's separate from what but she he's claiming that this all consistent political struggle because the he claims of course that none of none of them like her like you know I'm not well that they're doing this all to make his life and this goes back to its employees with their domestic violence problems that went on for months the sad part about it is it's it's just this big internal squabble now and and this is not the time to be doing that but then they should all go thanks Steve thank you very much guys all right well more coming up we'll we'll talk about the the big pulled back by that researcher in London who gave out this wild number of two million plus deaths in the United States now he's saying never mind and that's what instigated all this a lockdown fever from Washington to Sacramento to Los Angeles Johnny can KFI Deborah mark as news twenty one people have died in LA county from the corona virus reporting the staff is the absolute worst part of our day at the PH but it can't compare to the profound loss that is experienced by the family and friends of people who have passed county health director Dr Barbara Ferrer says there are a total of one thousand two hundred sixteen positive cases in the county she says the jump in numbers was expected as more testing becomes available with faster results as of yesterday at ninety four hundred people in the county have been tested lawyers in California have asked a federal judge to free thousands of state prisoners to prevent what the attorneys call the catastrophic spread of corona virus through a vulnerable population the request is for inmates who were at higher risk for complications from the disease a nonviolent offenders or within a year of being paroled so far one inmate and nine employees have tested positive stocks are surging ahead of an expected vote tomorrow in the house on the massive economic relief bill Bankrate dot com's senior economic analyst mark Hamrick says bill bumps up unemployment checks by six hundred dollars a week that's more than double the current national average so this financial aid will serve to help displaced workers to do their part to further contain the virus by staying at home investors seem to be pumped at the prospect of financial help for the country the Dow finished the day up more than one thousand three hundred fifty points the S. and P. five hundred is up seventeen percent since Monday but still twenty two percent below its record high last month New York governor Andrew Cuomo says the state's death toll from the corona virus has increased dramatically in just one day the number of deaths is a three eighty five it's up from two eighty five and since we still have a large number of people on ventilators for a long period of time the experts expect that number to continue to increase the governor says they're now more than thirty seven thousand cases in New York with more than fifty three hundred people in the hospital he says the Senate passed ambulance bill is helpful but he says it will not help his state's expected revenue loss the news is brought to you by reborn cabinets for up to the minute information on the corona virus you can visit our website KFI am six forty dot com key word virus.

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