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The Daily Meditation Podcast
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The Healing Place Podcast
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Podcast I'm Mary Medically and I welcome you back to our series this week on finding courage in a crisis helping you manage fear when things seem so out of control and we are experiencing the global pandemic with the Kobe in Nineteen Corona virus in this weeks series. I'm sharing with you the same meditations that I share with you on the syndrome meditation APP where I share a daily thirty minute guided. Meditation experienced there and some sharing those with you this week. Because I want you to have hope I want you to know that although there's a lot of uncertainty and chaos and fear that you can manage this and I'm sharing with you meditation techniques to help you do that this week. I look forward to sharing today's episode. Where you are guided combining all the different meditation techniques. You've explored all week long into one meditation. So you can see how to layer these techniques. Remember you can layer and use these techniques in your day to day life when? You're not meditating. Use them on or off your meditation cushion. If you're just joining us. That is perfect. Each episode is its own unique meditation. So you don't have to necessarily start at the beginning of the series to make your way through the whole series. I hope you enjoy today's meditation as always be safe. How're you doing today? How is your challenge coming along? Stop for just a moment and think about what it is. You're looking forward to in the future taking.