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1060. NBA Icon John Salley Says Veganism Made Him A Winner!



And we're going to go to those phones in a couple of seconds for Dr Debbie and for Joey Villani the dogfather. What is that is that a pigeon was. Pigeons are really loud. I put some seed out. There should wait until after the show. You know who's going to be on the show today is NBA. Finest John Salley. Of course he played for the Lakers and I love him. He's such a cool friendly guy. You know what it says right here on this piece of paper. He's title Nice Friendly Guy. John Nice Friendly Guy. Sally WHO's a Vegan? Wow which is intriguing to me that was an NBA player. That you could have a non meat non dairy diet wow. I saw an interview show with him on. Tv couple of years ago but he's been Vegan for a long time and if I remember right he's really active in I mean he's like a Vegan activist. He's not just A. Oh I eat Yes no he talks about Jackley and apparently a kitten lover and he's hanging out with the kittens. We'll find out what all the details are in a few minutes with him or we said. Joey you don't WanNa do. I WANNA hang out with a Vegan to see how they eat because I think that's part of the problem is is is. I don't know yeah the whole what. What's good and what's not good deck. That's part of the problem. You think eating vegetables a steam spinach the saying so. I'd like to know what I'm sure. They got some good stuff that We just don't know about creations that they can make putting different things together. That probably yeah. It's not just singular there vegan restaurants all over the country. Now so you can. I mean that's I would love to do. I've never been to one but just go to one of them and make such great stuff. Yeah Yeah Yeah. There's so. There is a hassle factor associated with it. I mean there. Is You have to go out of your way to Cook Vegan. Well that's because we don't know how you'd have to go out of your way to cook me but we have a problem. It's just learning something different. Put them right in this place. Okay so Let's go to the phones. Joey what are you working on for? Today's show well. If you are allergic to your bird which millions of people are in the get rid of them? Listen to me first before you make that drastic decision and you speak from experience right. Yes and this is this has subdued grooming as well. Yes I speak yes I speak from the heart because it happened to me okay. Laurie what are you working on in the newsroom? Well there is a state one state that could become the very first in the nation or the country to pass a bill that would make decline a cat illegal in the entire state. Oh and I. It's not really GonNa Guess California. Wow interesting to know of course for those of you. That don't know decline is like an amputation of the knuckle and while maybe very convenient for you and your furniture is not entirely pleasant for the cat. Despite what we get some research for the story TIM WE'RE GONNA look at like how decline actually came about. I mean like who on that wild idea in the first place? I'd like to give them a piece of mind I'd like to. I'd like to amputate their knuckles or something else okay. So that's on the way here with Lorie Brooks and just a few minutes. Let's head to the phones for your calls with Dr. Debbie enjoy the Lonnie and we go to Marty. Hey Marty how are you? Oh Mary I'm sorry. Hey Mary how're you okay? I couldn't read the board. I'm getting too old. My vision is failing fast. Don't feel like the lone ranger. Where are you calling from today? Mary North Carolina listening on. Wfan see thank you so much for doing that. let's see. WanNa Talk to Dr Debbie. Well here I am all yours. What are you what's going on? We got Year and a half old dachshund. I think she's a dachshund she might be mixed with a little bit of Chihuahua. Okay but she licks anybody and everybody as long as they letter. Okay looking just anywhere on the skin or clothing matter matter. Does she like other things around the house floors furniture lick the air. Nope just people okay. And when she's doing this it does. She seem excited. Does she seem wound up very calm and.

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1060. NBA Icon John Salley Says Veganism Made Him A Winner!

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