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Overnight crews are in the left lane


The forty two freeway it's construction work that you're right lanes are blocked also won thirty both directions between three twenty two hundred forty four overnight crews are in the left lane also in the New Jersey Turnpike in the Atlantic city expressway only the easy pass lanes are open same goes for the Betsy Ross bridge the Walt Whitman the Commodore Barry and the Delaware memorial they're all cashless until further notice Gary Barbera service center is offering a ten percent discount the doctors nurses essential medical personnel police officers and firefighters carry Barberis helping feed daily through donations to fill a bond and start

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Overnight crews are in the left lane

KYW 24 Hour News 2 months ago

There with it right now hopefully they'll get that out of the way police are

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Next after tropical weather

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Frank Rizzo, Justin And Steve discussed on KYW 24 Hour News

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Then as the CBS evening news

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Back to Steven Reiss westbound

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From home in Wynwood Tim Jimenez

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Across the Ben Franklin bridge a bit slow to lanes only in the Philadelphia with construction

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Feels changes coming

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Right now it's two oh two and

KYW 24 Hour News 21 hrs ago

Quite some time so that is

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