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In Boston have tested positive


In Boston a major hospital healthcare chain in California says it's no longer filling prescriptions for a drug being used to treat the virus kinds are permanent in southern California says in a statement that they're facing the real possibility of running out of hydroxy chloride Quinn during the Copa nineteen outbreak they say they need to control the outflow to those with the virus and those with acute lupus a woman with lupus in Los Angeles told buzzfeed she cried when she got a message from Kaiser thanking her for her sacrifice at this time by understanding her prescriptions will not be filled right now the message says the drug builds up in the system and can last for forty days and by then they expect manufacturing of the drug to have ramped back up the message also says if you feel your condition worsening call your doctor to discuss alternative treatments Jessica Rosenthal fox news Ford fiat Chrysler Honda and Toyota all taking steps to restart north American plants shutter to protect workers from the outbreak the plants would open in early to mid April I'm Lisa this era and this is fox news

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In Boston have tested positive

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