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Hundred and forty five cases


His forecasts from the advanced dentistry weather center during this challenging time advanced dentistry would like to say thank you to all the health care workers and folks on the front lines out there you are appreciated the chance for showers as we head toward our Friday morning a low of fifty nine as for Friday we're going to see some showers a little bit of rain otherwise clouds and a high of sixty seven at night heavy rain develops and some isolated storms to a low of sixty degrees we could see severe weather from your severe weather station on nine first warning chief meteorologist Steve Raleigh news radio seven hundred WLW radars clear in the Cincinnati area and we have sixty two degrees our country now has more than eighty two thousand cases of coronavirus the most anywhere in the world including China where it originated president trump looking to re open parts of the country clearly eager to

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Hundred and forty five cases

Gary Jeff Walker 2 months ago

Well we have a chance for

KRLD News, Weather and Traffic 5 hrs ago

The Dixie highway exit

Eddie and Rocky 8 hrs ago

Officer was not injured in this

Sterling 1 d ago

Cincinnati on new curfew tonight with the twelve thirty four points I'm Jack probably breaking

Rachel 1 d ago

WLW radar showing a partly cloudy sky our current temperature sixty one degrees

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For the man who was on the ground who's basically strangled and choked out that was

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Peaceful <Speech_Male> protests

Gary Jeff Walker 3 d ago

In the tri state a chance of rain overnight low sixty five in the morning our Friday rain and storms

America's Truckin' Network 3 d ago

Heavy at times in the afternoon the highest seventy five at night gradual clearing and a load of fifty five

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This afternoon at northbound

Lance McAlister 4 d ago