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Just want to be okay travelers from New York New Jersey Connecticut and the city of New Orleans would be required to self quarantine for fourteen days before entering the state of Texas governor Greg Abbott announced at a news conference on Thursday and explained that the order which applies only to those who arrive in Texas by plane will be enforced by the Texas department of public safety alert from the designated areas will be asked to provide officials with a quarantine location the governor explained and the department of public safety state police will conduct visits to the designated quarantine locations to verify compliance Abbott said people affected by the order cannot have any visitors besides healthcare providers and they may not visit any public places Abbott said failure to comply will be considered a criminal offense sure by up to a one thousand dollar fine a hundred and eighty days in jail or both department of public safety troopers will conduct visits to those designated quarantine locations to verify compliance with this executive order failure to comply with this order is considered to be a criminal offense mmhm wow wow yeah or