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An evening briefing by the coronavirus task force at the White House wrapped up moments ago and are you Michelle center joins us now for the very latest so you me she we know among other things the president was talking about the compromise legislation that the Senate passed a late last night now headed to the to the to the to the house of representatives what is the president saying about how much this is going to help well the president is saying that this bill is going to help people who badly need the help and he also says that he's eager to sign it so he's urging again the house to pass it in for it to end up on his desk he could sign it as early as this week I do want to walk through one big thing that this shows the Republicans and Democrats for compromising and that's how passenger airlines were dealt with in this bill to put up for people the thing that's going on here is that you're getting twenty five billion dollars for workers salaries and benefits this money would not need to be repaid directly but airlines may offer the government some stock to compensate taxpayers there's another twenty five billion dollars in loans and loan guarantees no airlines have been lobbying aggressively for direct grants and not just loans with that was a compromise there's also a three billion dollars for contract workers those are people who prove who help with bagging who helped with ticketing so there's not just only airline employees but contractors are getting the help and separately your mission at this briefing we understand the president was asked about and talk about those huge new numbers of unemployment claims three point three million people filing for claims just in the last week what is he what is he what is it White House officials saying about it what is unemployment claim numbers are stunning three point three million people in the last week filing unemployment claims the president said it's no one's fault but he also talked about the fact that this means that Americans need to get back to work here's what he said just moments ago from the White House I heard the number I mean I heard it could be six million could be seven million it's three point three or three point two but it's a lot of jobs but I think we'll come back very strong the sooner we get back to work you know every day that we stay out it gets harder to bring it back very quickly and and we don't want to stay in so the president there stressing again that he really wants to try to get people back to work he has said that he wants to get people back as early as Easter Sunday which would be only about seventeen days that said there are health officials were saying we have not reached the peak of the corona virus outbreak so they're not sure whether or not or even that I know how bad this outbreak might get at the time when the president wants to bring people back to work another thing secretary treasury secretary Steve Mnuchin he talked about his unemployment claims and he said these are relevant numbers that people shouldn't focus too much on them he said that because he thinks things might get worse and likely will get worse as you heard the president said he was thinking there might be six million even seven million unemployment claims so Judy we might see even more staggering numbers as the weeks go on sounds like they're expecting it to get worse and finally give me is what are they saying at this point about efforts to address this corona virus pandemic head on and what's needed in this country weather continues to be this tension between the federal government and the White House and state governments and governor and governors the president today held a call with governors there was some back and forth the president said it wasn't a two contentious call but the president also had a back and forth with Washington state governor Jay Inslee Jay Inslee said after the president said the federal government should be a back up the governor said we don't need a back up we need a Tom Brady referring to the Super Bowl champion Tom Brady talking about the fact that the federal government needs to be doing more so you're a lot of governments governor saying we want more in the president also wrote a letter to governors today saying that he's thinking about maintaining reducing or increasing social distancing mitigation measures is that gonna be based on data part of that letter will put up for people it says the government is thinking about categorizing counties as high risk medium risk or low risk so you have there president trump again pushing for trying to get people back to work sooner we even have some Republican governors including Larry Hogan in Maryland saying well we need help with testing facilities on that call so even if president trump is writing to governor saying we need to get this ball rolling and get the government back up you have both Democrats and Republicans telling the president wait we still need more resources and we still need to figure out how bad this is going to get striking out that they're still this kind of disagreement at such a high level yeah Michelle sender reporting for us from the White House thank you your message many families were learning are finding it a challenge in deciding how much coronavirus news is too much when it comes to their children and teenagers with the televisions in many households on around the clock it is tough to shield kids from the constant stream of reporting at the same time many teens may not be taking the pandemic as seriously as they should tonight author Kelly Corrigan shares her humble opinion on how to keep children safe if you're the parent of a teenager shelter in place is a strange and serious gift by now we've all seen the images of the hard headed spring breakers shoulder to shoulder in Florida and friends across the country tell me that they're still going toe to toe with their kids over every conceivable outing and my house quarantine began as my teenager suggesting a dirty which is a daytime party she's gonna be so fun they conserve coronas and quarantines no chance I said there were tears apparently we were the only parents who are psycho about this new virus anyway kids don't even get sick she said relying on information that's been proven to be outdated then came shelter in place and are very town was sequestered at that point teenagers please became much smaller can I go to dinner for one hour with one friend can I watch TV all afternoon can we please not talk about corona virus after five PM the theme of all their requests with the same escape can we they seem to be asking turn our back on the world map blowing up with hot spots we can we can play around the five hundred and read books and rewatch the office from the beginning we can paint each other's toenails and.