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As our secretary of commerce and governor I couldn't think of a better person to choose thing your sister to lead this effort to bring together the caring and charitable people who want to help Illinois through this crisis so thank you all for what you have done to this point and I stand ready to work with you moving forward something miraculous happened in Washington we've actually done something on a timely basis think about it over the past four weeks we have enacted three major pieces of legislation it was just four weeks ago that on a bipartisan basis we said to government to the president that his request for two billion dollars wasn't enough to face this crisis in a matter of days we raise that number to eight billion dollars in passed quickly and then we realized that wasn't even close in a matter of days again we passed the second piece of legislation which raise the amounts to one hundred billion dollars focusing on making sure that testing would be free the people would have enough to eat in the midst of this crisis that we would send more money back to the states to compensate them for hospital care that we would have family leave medical leave available to the employees who feeling sick could leave work and still get a paycheck for the families that was a hundred billion dollar undertaking we did on a bipartisan basis and then last night right close to midnight in Washington DC we passed a measure which is nothing short of miraculous by federal standards consider this for a moment the cost of the rescue package that we enacted last night is about two point two trillion dollars two point two trillion dollars that is larger than the federal budget for an entire year in domestic in discretionary spending in the programs we put together with the highest priorities we thought them through we debated them we disagreed we came back to the table over and over again and at the end of the day this measure passed with a unanimous unanimous bipartisan vote in the United States Senate ninety six to nothing the four senators who didn't vote two of them are facing diagnoses from two or under self quarantine at this moment but to think that every senator Democrat Republican came together tells you I believe that we not only understand the gravity of this challenge with the importance that we move quickly and put politics aside when it comes to the well being of the people we represent the future of our nation let me touch a few of the highlights of that measure last night and let me say at the outset it is officially done the house representatives needs to take their action a speaker Pelosi and Steny Hoyer Majority Leader has suggested that they'll do it as soon as tomorrow maybe by voice votes of the members of the house would have to return but I'm hopeful if if that isn't the case that whatever debate will be short and we'll get this matter signed into law by the president what does it mean for the people who are following him and asking well they made a lot of noise in Washington what's it going to mean to me in my life well there's some very basic things to try to take in consideration the White House suggested both parties agreed with a cash payment primarily the people making less than seventy five thousand dollars a year and not more than a hundred thousand dollars a year as individuals will receive twelve hundred dollars for each adult in the household and five hundred dollars for each child for some people that really is money that they desperately need to get through this difficult time the second thing we did was to really focus on our health care system we said that we needed a Marshall fund when it came to health care and I know the governor feels as I do our hospitals are facing a moment of challenge in testing the likes of which they have never seen when I was on a conference call with the hospital administrators from across the state just last week a number of them from downstate Illinois told me is they've told you they're hanging on by a thread the question is whether their doors will be open not whether they can have the capacity to meet the need in this crisis why why are they in these financial problems because the hospital makes money on outpatient treatment elective surgery and those have been pushed aside because the people coming in with the symptoms of covert nineteen the good news is that our priority of a Marshall Plan for hospitals will provide over a hundred and twenty billion dollars to hospitals and health care providers across the United States including of course the state of Illinois to help these hospital stay open and respond it's money not only for the hospitals or keeping the lights on but it's money as well for them to expand their services to meet this need and have the protective equipment they need to be able to retrieve it in addition to that we are working on helping small businesses when the only restaurant association came out to see me two weeks ago it was a sad meeting so many of those restaurants have been closed because we want to get this this epidemic pandemic under control and they worried about re opening we had a proposal a bipartisan proposal by senator Rubio Republican Florida senator Cardin Democrat of Maryland and this proposal was included in the measure last night it's going to allow these hospitals these restaurants and many other small businesses to continue to pay their payroll to pay their rent and be ready to reopen as soon as we've finally reached the point where it's safe to do that that's a critical part of what we're doing for those with fewer than five hundred employees they're eligible for loans from the SBA through their local banks which if they use for payroll benefits and rent or forgiven they don't have to pay him back we want to make sure that there's continuity in these these entrepreneurial undertakings even in this difficult time they're also funds are going to be available for loans to our organizations that are not for profit organizations for corporations that are larger than five hundred employees and we come to the rescue of industries that are critical to our state and nation starting with the aviation industry I flew out of Washington this morning to Chicago it's good to be home but I will tell you there were ten people on my plane from Washington and three of them were flight attendants nobody's flying and airports are empty and we know what that means to these airlines and the revenues these are major employers in our state and nation as well as a major part of our national economy so they become a focal point in terms of rescuing the economy of this nation I could go on with a long let me but I won't I'll just tell you this I have been proud to serve in the Senate with my colleagues especially senator Tammy Duckworth she and I have worked together on everything we do everything jointly all the letters all the meetings all the conference calls this is a great benefit to have a colleague that you can trust completely who is going to work with you for the good of your state nation Tammy Duckworth is that person and my hat's off to the congressional delegation Republicans and Democrats alike so far we've been able to work together and put aside political differences isn't that exactly what the people of Illinois I want at this moment in history I think it is I hope these monies and the one part I'll close with his near and dear to the governor's heart is the stabilization fund we said that there had to be helped coming back to the state and local governments that have incurred gray eight expenses seen problems with their budget multiplying there had to be a helping hand from Washington the stabilization fund was enacted and it's going to mean revenues coming back to the state to help us through this challenging time I thank the governor again for his leadership on this measure in this challenge I can tell him that as long as he needs our help we can pick up the phone and know that will be there in Washington to help out thank.

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