Serial Killer: Scott Lee Kimball - Part 4

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All right captain last episode we were starting to get into some of the physical collected against Scott and forming these cases against him regarding these missing persons. One of the items we have yet to hit on is it involves his phone records. So this reveals to law enforcement that Scott. The last person he spoke to on the evening of February seventeenth two thousand and three was missing person. Jennifer Marcum then. His phone went offline until February twentieth. Scott maintain that he had gone to the mountains for several days and turned his cell phone off. This is the same story that he kinda gave regarding Casey. But detectives noted that Jennifer's phone was also inactive for the same three day period of time after that there were calls made from Jennifer's phone this too Scott into several other people. This is before it went offline permanently now to the investigators it seemed obvious as Scott was using Jennifer's phone for the purpose of misdirecting law enforcement in an attempt to make appear as if she was still alive for some period of time after she went missing but we still have other crimes other murders to discuss. We have evidence in the Lianne. Emory disappearance Liens car was found abandoned with all of her stuff in it in eastern Utah but Leeann was nowhere to be found receipts for credit card charges to her card made in California. Bore a signature. That was not her handwriting. Detectives spoke to the unnamed inmate who knew Scott in prison the one who gave them the information about how Casey had been killed. This inmate told them that Scott said that he killed Lianne while they were hiking and Bryce Canyon and eastern Australia Scott said that he had stripped her nude or had her stripped nude kneel down and shot her in the head execution style. Now captain you know how this P. O. S. Scott operates right. He has an answer for everything. Scott told detectives that he did not kill Lianne. He said that members of a drug gang were the ones they had executed her and he was only a witness but he didn't could go to law enforcement he didn't get involved and even though he's already involved with the FBI he doesn't tell them. I witnessed a murder. He he only has to make up the story when confronted with something that he told somebody else right now. Remember the terrible this this angers and saddens me like you wouldn't believe remember the terrible accident on the ranch. I'm talking about the accident. When Scott's ten year old son Justin when a two hundred pound metal great quote fell on him right? You can see photos of this little boy in the hospital on Dateline and it's it's pretty horrible so in a stroke of bad luck for Scott but truly a blessing. After two weeks in a coma. His son woke up and was able to tell what he remembered. He says his father told him to turn around. And Dig a hole near this great and then all of a sudden the great fell on him then he remembered being in the jeep. Remember Scott is driving the son to the hospital. He remembers being in the jeep and he says on the way to the hospital. My Dad's Scott. He's pushing me by the face pushing me out of the vehicle by the face. Yeah I mean this is when he said it the first time. All here's this horrible accident than Scott's GONNA drive it son to the hospital and on the way. The kid falls out of the car you go. Something's not right here. Yeah it's it. What a coincidence that you would have to near death accidents back back that day. I can understand that. Sometimes this stuff happens in a state of panic. Maybe you're rushing trying to get him to the hospital but not what this guy not with this guy. There are not these. These incidents two failed attempts of murder so the Boulder County prosecutors boulder bitches. Thank you unfortunately. They did not feel that they had enough to actually charge. Scott with with what looks very much like an attempted murder of his son. This is in part because doctors indicated that his head injuries were so severe. They would not consider him to be a reliable witness. That is bullshit though. These might not be reliable memories that he has. Of course. We're no idiots and we can see all this other stuff together that that. That's probably very likely what happened. I know the prosecutors felt the same way and we're very saddened that they could not bring this type of charge against this man. We should also point out and it's no coincidence that at the time of this accident there was a sixty thousand dollar life insurance policy on the little boy was Scott listed as the sole beneficiary. Hear me out. Why don't you just want to roll the dice? I'm listening? Roll the dice right. We have we have to like I said to attempts of murdering this ten year. Old Boy And yes maybe his memory is not maybe he's not going to be Maybe he's not GonNa meet received as super credible but once you stack on the other piece of evidence that we have a motive the motive being a sixty thousand dollar. Pay Out for the death of this child. Roll the dice. Because what you. What do you have to lose? Well a couple things and we talked about this a few weeks ago. You do run the risk of the double jeopardy charge. Where where maybe at some point you actually do believe that you have the proper evidence to charge and convict him and if you try him now and you can't successfully convict them. You can't try again later. What I guarantee you. This is what my gut tells me and I would bet this man's beef farm on it not my own farm because the skies a liar but I bet you what happened. Captain is behind closed doors. They probably did take a chance. Because like you said what do you have to lose? This is what they probably took a chance on. Let's tell Scott that we know exactly. What the hell he was doing and see if it scares him enough that he's willing to plea to it or to a lesser charge right. Because you know you get this man in a room and you go look dude. Your son told us that you are the one that told him to get in that whole and then the great falls on them. Your son told us you were driving him to the hospital when he remembers you pushing him by the face out of the moving vehicle and this almost kills him and we also found a paper trail that you stood to gain sixty thousand dollars. Should that little boy die? You're hoping you can scare him into a plea bargain at that chant and I bet you they took that chance and Scott is just. It wasn't going to to fall for

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