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Los Angeles - Riverside County residents advised to wear masks


But the first county has now recommended people wear face masks when they go shopping not the N. ninety five said health workers need but simpler surgical masks or even homemade masks the centers for disease control at the White House coronavirus task force are we considering the issue as it is the World Health Organization doctor Sonya angel is California state public health officer she says the first line of defense is social distancing and washing hands but she says there is some evidence face masks could reduce infections as well as reminding people to keep distance but she says people need to be aware of the risks they can be that if people have these masks on they feel somewhat immune they feel like they can get closer to other people and when they do so they decrease that great evidence based intervention that we have which is to circle distancing the other challenge is that when people use these face masks if they're not comfortable and they're not washing their hands but they're touching the mask the particles that they might get on their hands get onto their face get into their eyes and can infect them so in short there may be some benefit from using these but only when they're used well as of now California is approaching ten thousand cases with the worst yet to come Newsome ended his briefing by urging people to keep doing what they're doing in terms of social distancing and other precautions in order to reduce infections and flattened the epidemic curve we have bought time and time is our friend that curve is our enemy let's bend it

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