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The cruise business the company is suspending dividends and buybacks meanwhile royal Caribbean extended its


Workers today to send a message to Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos but they want hazard pay of double they're currently hourly wages at a time when everyone is staying at home food delivery apps have become extremely popular in the people who pick package and deliver the food have more leverage than ever to demand better pay and working conditions in whole foods owned by Amazon is you know Kevin is become very popular in the region as well one of the things is because they had been part of the delivery service with Amazon prime so their footprint has grown quite a bit in the Pittsburgh area yeah and many Americans are utilizing teleconferencing platform such as soon while working from home amid the corona virus outbreak but the FBI is warning that these virtual meetings are prime targets for hackers WBZ TV reporter Nick Evans is in Boston with more targeting home users is by far easier than targeting corporate so there are steps you should take to protect yourself and your company first if hosting don't make meetings public and control the access do you have control over anybody who is attending or trying to join second after everyone joins make sure to do a roll call if there's twelve and you want to buy ten you better be sure you check out Google's extra to R. and last don't share an invite link to a meeting on public platforms like social media

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The cruise business the company is suspending dividends and buybacks meanwhile royal Caribbean extended its

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