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Just Say No to Free T-Shirts


Do you ever buy t shirts at the thrift store I try not to. It's usually pain in the butt. Yeah I'm with you. I'm not like a big T shirt drifter but I'll pop into the t shirts section every now and then when I want to look for some graphic tees and I was there looking for some fun stuff to share for the April twelve months of thrifty prompt because the prompt is words and one of the easiest ways to incorporate. Words is to is to wear graphic tees. I was absolutely stunned by the number of t shirts on this rack. I'm like what is with our obsession with all of these t shirts. I'm thinking of the ones where you go to a festival and you buy a t-shirt right or go to like. I said a five K race or a local Chili Cook off or a bank event. Where they're giving away t shirts and pens like those are the t shirts I'm really thinking about. Not necessarily like a t shirt that like a plain white t or a plane grade V neck t that I would wear with jeans or something. I'm talking about like those other t-shirts that because they're producing such mass quantities. I don't think that they're going to be very high quality. I mean we literally shoot t shirts out of t shirt guns for crying out loud on my gosh. I never even thought of that before. But so true like every event we go to you get like a free t shirt and I don't think twice about it. I mean typically. I don't take one but that's mostly because of other reasons but I don't think about any environmental background. I agree with you so one night night. I came home for about thrift store. I was like I'm going to do some research on the environmental impact of these shirts. I really wondered what happens to all the T. shirts that don't sell like at this one thrift store. They had just back to back t shirts and I wondered like. There's no way that they're going to sell all of these like. Can you imagine all the other thrift stores that have all of these t shirts and so I found a lot of information on the environmental footprint of t shirts on the front end of the production? So things like the amount of water it takes to grow the cotton. The Chemicals Harmful Dies. The toxic waste is often dumped in local waterways. But not so much on the back end. So what happens when we've used these t shirts and were done with them and so I ended up on this instagram page called the or foundation and it's a US based nonprofit. That's been researching the secondhand clothing trade in Accra Ghana. For the last several years they have incredible stories on their instagram page and one of them was about the global waste. That single use t-shirts create. And I was like okay. That's interesting I've heard of single use plastic. But I've never really heard the term single use t-shirt before okay. So can we back up to did you rabbit hole. And how late were you up? I'm kind of embarrassed to say how we saw. I was up till three. But it's because I had diet coke at like seven with dinner and I'll be fine. I'll be fine museum to this now and I'm not. I love that you thought your immune to caffeine all of a sudden it just because you wanted to be but really like I feel like you thrive on this like this is just like something once you get excited about something diet. Coke is just like your your drug to like keep it going. It revs you up. Yeah all I need is a diet coke taste. Shoot me down a rabbit hole. We need to create a me like of Dina like swirling and in some cute dress like thrift ahead of course and then like holding a diet coke typing vigorously about t shirts and the environmental listed. T shirts like how? How Boring is that me? Oh my God we can have you like Like beer funnels. We'd heavy like funneling. Diet Cokes. So Anyway single-use t shirts are free or cheap t shirts you get. Things like racist sporting events business strategic retreats. Things like that and a lot of times. These shirts aren't met for long term use and there really isn't a big reuse resale market for them locally or globally and so they were saying on their instagram page. How a lot of these single use t shirts are a major contributor to global waist? Okay so this reminds me of like I'm GonNa Guess Two Thousand Sixteen because I really don't know because I'm not a sports person but it reminds me of like the first time I ever found out that when there's a big championship game of some sort. That two sets of shirts are printed so as soon as the game is over there. Are People outside ready to sell you the winning shirt so say two thousand sixteen calves one? They have the shirt ready as soon as the people. Walk Out of the stadium. And they go to purchase in there like all pumped up and they WANNA purchase this shirt that the cavs ones they wanna wear if they want to be proud but they also have like under the counter that the warriors won and so now they have to find a place to put. The warriors won t shirts. Like what is this part of the nonsense and what happens with these shirts now right. Yeah that's actually a really good point and I don't know enough about their process right like they have to be re purposed or reused. Somehow so I don't know if maybe they donate them or whatever ends up happening to them if they do end up in the donation stream at some point. These t shirts are probably going to end up probably in somebody else's landfill if not our landfill just to provide a little bit of context in a previous episode. We talked about the cycle of donated clothing typical cycle of donated clothing on. What happens to your stuff after you donate it to a traditional thrift store. And I'M GONNA RECAP THAT PROCESS very briefly. Just so you can get an idea of where the single use t shirts fall in this cycle. So you purchase something you wear it. You donate it to a traditional secondhand retail store like a goodwill or something and then they sort the item they put your clothes on the sales floor for purchase. If it's in good condition and then after a few weeks if it doesn't sell in some cases it ends up at like a last chance location so maybe at a thrift store outlet or something like that after a few weeks go by and still doesn't sell three things typically happen. Some items can be recycled into rags or installation. Some items will go to a landfill because they've reached the end of their life cycle. And that's just the reality of it. Then some items will often get exported to other markets and this is where their sole traders and other countries who attempt to sell these items in their local markets and then unfortunately what they can't sell will end up in their local landfill. Sometimes even burned or in some cases dumped on local beaches a lot of times what happens. We produce so many of these t shirts that so many of them end up in secondhand stores and a lot of them don't get purchased because who wants a five K. T. shirt from two thousand and two that you never ran you know. And so it's it's a new want system but yeah because we produce so many of them and we're consuming so many times. Something has to be done with them

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