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Search for a new time job which right now might be difficult but you can it does


About it from your employer standpoint there's a lot of uncertainty are these going to be major cuts are they are the is the business going to come back or is it is it hurt in wounded enough that it's going to be a slow build then maybe your job ends up being your furloughed and then it becomes a layoff I know I've mentioned Camille was was furloughed I was nearly so I we were in long distance relationship at this point as a two thousand nine I was in in Rochester New York at a great station I'm working in a great great a great team and we are doing lots of coverage as on the Buffalo Bills beat so covering the NFL and I look back now and realize just how close I was to be furloughed and I didn't realize it at the time I you know I was I was young not fully aware of what was happening I was aware of what was happening with the recession but not the the great impact it was having on on everybody and and I know looking back now that I was almost for a loaded probably probably more so laid off and I and I think now looking back I'm so thankful for for my sports director at the time he was my boss and I know that I know he never told me this but I know that he went in there and fought for me to look we are doing all this work all this content if you if you start cutting all these reporters and anchors like what what is what's gonna be left and we are here to provide a service for people during this time and and at that point it was you know the newsroom was doing obviously recession stories all that the community stories and and I was able to kind of bring people up with their sports save a moment of I you know he was these things up a little bit I think about young people now I was almost been like twenty seven twenty eight at the time and and think about young people in their jobs you're you're more likely a target if you are newly hired or the the last ones hired or you're young in that company in Axios Heris survey showed thirty one percent of people ages eighteen to thirty four had either been laid off or put on furlough that's right now and this was this was about a week ago the survey insult about one third twenty two percent so thirty one percent of ages eighteen to thirty four ages thirty five to forty nine twenty two percent and then as you get older fifty to sixty four fifteen percent and I think about young people to I think about people coming out of college you know you're you're coming out of college you've got this debt now and you need to start paying off the debt you need to get to work get on with your life right well now what yeah we we got kids graduating here in a couple of months and looking for jobs and take their lot of companies are higher aren't hiring right now and so it's it's a very difficult situation in fact I had a great call with with just a college senior yesterday great young guy must be about twenty one twenty two and you would not believe what happened to him

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Search for a new time job which right now might be difficult but you can it does

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