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Episode 55: Nick Bare - Former Army Officer & Founder of Bare Performance Nutrition



Family especially my dad. It's they're always. They were always warning me. If it's if it's too good to be true I don't let it happen or or don't don't expect don't expect too much to happen so give example launched my company and. I told my dad. I'll start my company. My told me I'm making a million dollars a year. He just laughed. He said it was it. Was THAT EASY. Everyone do it. I think 'cause like growing up they saw to make X. You had to work. Yeah why like all the one hundred hour weeks? They would work just to get a crop done so there was never having a million dollars now. It didn't happen so always warning against Kinda half-measures did they farm other other crops other than Derek Handler. They'd sweeping corn. So obviously the weather for the. I remember washing the weather channel all the time and if we had bad weather first season he's the worst person around. Yeah he's still as even just fucking ingrained yeah Did you play any sports growing up? Yes I played played. Baseball played hockey ran cross country no wrestling in Pennsylvania. My Dad was a big wrestler thing with sports. So for me is I was athletic but never like never stood out sports so my brother was three years younger than me so by the time I was a junior. He was a freshman. I believe and he was athlete. He's he he had opportunities for D. One Baseball Football. He was all state seems he started playing down. Like I'm not anymore semi my senior year. I did nothing. I ran cross country but he was. He was a stud would Did he go onto play any sports in college? He Played Collegiate Baseball Longwood University in Virginia. Okay anything past that or did he just come to work for? You came to work for me so he he graduated college. Full-time jobs can for six months. And when I was in Korea the businesses growing so I hit him up and said Hey. Would you be interested in quitting your job moving to Texas? Sustaining the business. But I can't pay you but you can live in my house so we we couldn't take a dollar from the business for five years after starting at the two thousand seventeen the first dollar took no shit. Yeah what In terms of the the drive behind wanting to do that I mean will get into it a little further but it makes me curious. I guess you know why that Given your background and growing up whatever. What was it about supplements nutrition performance Fitness generally speaking. That really kind of drove you to start a business was because you had a passion for it because from a market share standpoint that there was there was a lot of room to take some of that or what What was kind of the main factor without saw studying nutrition and I was really interested in sports performance in regards to nutrition. Now back then it was. I was running because of my obligation with military coming up but I was like I was just in putting on his much size and strength as possible bodybuilding. Powerlifting and in college we had no money left some in the dorms and me and my buddies chip in and buys ingredients in bulk bikes. Between Molly beat Alan and critique caffeine and we all chip in and we buy these ingredients in Balking. Mix them of my dorm room. We have this scale fuck and breaking bad fitness version on my like the roommates like the people in my floor is probably assumed was selling drugs because then you can imagine walking. I have food scale white powder everywhere and people would come in my dorm baggy. It'd be white powder was my homemade pre-workout classic so I was doing this. And I just loved every part of the supplement space fitness space especially sports performance with dietary supplements and it was between my junior and senior of college that I had to go to Fort Lewis Washington for a month of training and when I got back and you wanted to do something and it was perfect. Timing where I got back and at the time you can take out what was called the pre commissioning loan for officers. Take up the twenty five thousand dollars out with USA. He'd have to make your first payment for eighteen months and superloo interest so all my friends are taken out twenty thousand dollars or engagement rings new CARS OCCASIONS. I was like Shit. This is my way to make it to start business so I took on the twenty thousand dollars found a manufacturer I was hooked. I was completely invested in every part of at that point Spent all the money on the supplements itself inventory so I had to do the website myself. Head do the branding by myself looking back. It was just like I don't know how we got from from point to point now but I just loved the creating and I loved having this thing that was mine so it was college. Your first serve time to like taking supplements did you. Did you take creatine and protein powders and shit like that growing up or high school or anything or I remember when I when I was in Highschool pre-workout brand new to the space and I remember like the local vitamin SHOPPE and I would get like pre-workout. My mom didn't want me taking time. I've ever hide it and I thought I was taken like drugs or something so pre-workout high-school and stuff grown up and this is Jack. Three D was on the market. And there's no explode really started getting interested in it and I like I like things that create an experience right. It's like that's why like prerequisites there's experience involved with like you take the supplement twenty thirty minutes before you get tunnel vision focus. You can feel the caffeine kick in the tropics like I love those feelings and adding as what really got me into enjoying the supplement space. How did how did you eat growing up where you would you say looking back on it that you ate fairly clean or or what what What was your nutrition like as a kid as an example so I don't I don't talk about this much but when I was fourteen I had a pretty severe eating disorder. I don't know what like what kick started. I don't know where it came from. I remember when I was fourteen. I just wanted to to lose weight and lose weight lose weight and it started. Wow dislike eliminate certain food items and he got to the point over months where. I was eating. Maybe three hundred calories a day I was wasting away And my body starts shutting down organs. Stike south bike slowing down I remember one day specifically is supposed to go to my baseball game. Fourteen couldn't get out of bed because I know energy some going to the hospital and like in these tests and stuff done and I remember like the one day. My mom takes me into this appointment for this eating disorder clinic and they confront me about it. I think I thought it was going another appointment. We know you've been starving yourself. You know what's going on and I don't know what it was. Something just clicked in my head that day and I just. I'm getting better start eating again so I always remember this day getting back Matt appointment like Shit. I guess are eating now and I looked at a box of pop tarts turned around four hundred dollars. Two dollars say Holy Shit. This is more than a day. Now I gotTa do it. Can publicize start eating? I mean they don't mean a joke because people have like serious problems with unhealthy relationship with food and I did for a while eating disorders. But there's some click that day. We're also I need fucking better. So the pop tarts at at first What what did you transfer into in terms of? How you eight from there like did you. Did you start to go more clean at least and or were you just the typical high school kid fucking garbage in now? I would say like I. I've focused on pudding way back on IT I. It was just kind of eating whatever I could. But this transition like this was another pivotal my life right then found fitness and training and like learning how to and from there was like okay. We'll I've found nutrition which probably led to me wanting to get a degree in nutrition in learning more about it but my last two years of college or high school were learning how to eat like the right foods learning Wendy. These foods how to use these around workouts Inc Way Protein Post workout stuffing Abbott. I was still very uneducated. About where else was doing especially the time like two thousand nine? The information that was available in line is so different than what's available now to I'm. I'm curious from the I. Guess the eating disorder standpoint. What what did you eat as a young kid? Anything normal like I never had. I was never picky eater. We'd have family dinners. Whatever was being served cereal for breakfast kid. I remember cereal or toaster. Peyton pop tarts. But that's toaster strudel. Guy Yeah so mostly carbs. Yeah a lot of carbs now. I'm curious A. There's an element of malnutrition. I think at a young age that probably contributes to unhealthy relationships with food as as adults you know I think so. Many kids myself included growing up on shitty processed carbohydrates as their primary fuel source as they're developing. It's just fucking terrible out. Yeah and I wish that that I had known or my parents had known. Then what kind of or we collectively know now you know about eating way more nutrient dense shit growing up and you know just can't even imagine the difference but All right so you kind of get off the that eating Train in terms of it being a negative You get weight back on you decide. At what point do you say? I'm joining the fucking military was after college or during college before college. What was your thought process since in highschool still was probably seventeen years old and I was gonNA list but my I remember. My mom was very wanted me to go to college very much sell side for the army. Rotc scholarship plan for the Army ROTC scholarship in the Marine Corps. Scholarship didn't get the Marine Corps one so an army and I was worried that says a four year scholarship so they essentially paid for my school. They paid for tuition books With the obligation going into the military afterwards you know so going into freshman year college I went in western Pennsylvania Indiana University of Pennsylvania Already knew four years later I was GONNA into the army in Indiana University of Pennsylvania. Yeah no affiliation wear Indian universities in town of Indiana. You're Pittsburgh fucking Pennsylvania. I'll tell you what so going through college. You you kind of discover the your your passion for supplements was was going into the military something that you were still excited about or did it seem like it was a roadblock to what you ultimately wanted to do now quickly ver is that the company wasn't where it was going to be and I wanted to go in the military for one I felt an obligation to serve at least four years and gained massive experience from from my time in Even though I was committed groans business I look at it as a long term thing you know. Even in the beginning they WANNA make a million dollars. You won learned. That wasn't going to happen. Said we'll I'll take this. This is a long-term approach is an investment When the time is right double down on it but right now allegation is going to Fort. Benning Georgia one thing. I'm curious about From an ROTC Verses Academy Guy Right having been an ROTC guy. What is your take on the on? The contrast between the two in terms of the product ultimately that is created by ROTC versus academy. And how that kind of shakes out. What your thought process on that. I think I mean the two completely different experiences right which not interrupt but to me. That's what seems odd. I think to to most people myself included is that to have at the end of the day. You know you've got an officer with the same rank basically and they're to almost polar opposite fucking processes. Yeah I've almost seen like it. Produces is almost the same exact thing weird? Yeah you want it but looking back I can talk to the people that I know that when the academy I would've never wanted to go through Kademi. I knew I wanted to regular college experience and like from my friends that went to West Point. Same pretty much. Same product comes out going through academy a lot more networking and connections in life lifetime of connections afterwards but after your initial schooling for year. You've same experience. Yeah so it seems like it. Sounds like a perspective of the academy network is is like fucking warden or you know big business schools or Ivy League like it sits more about who you went through with that from my perspective and like my opinion..

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Episode 55: Nick Bare - Former Army Officer & Founder of Bare Performance Nutrition

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