Scramble for virus supplies strains global solidarity


The supply chain very important itself things get from point a to point B. it's something probably few people gave much thought to besides the experts prior to this phone then dammit but it's very much a topic of conversation these days all around the country they would abuse Matt Leon spoke with an expert to learn more about how it works and how it can break down David curves is an associate clinical professor at Drexel's lebow college of business he says there have been many examples of disruptions with various supply chains however each supply chain with different you know so it's a it's a mistake to say that supply chains are broken that's not true I think that some supply chains have proven to be fairly resilient during this current shock Kerr's breaks down a reason for some of the problems we are experiencing in supply chain we talk about demand forecasting it's a really key part of the supply chain function being able to accurately accurately as possible forecasts demand for certain items and products are demand forecasting models just don't take into consideration dramatic disruptions

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