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Highest in a single day for the country


Country and it looks like no end in sight president trump extended social distancing guidelines for another month to help slow the spread of covert nineteen doctor into the phone too with the National Institute of allergy and infectious diseases says if the virus EBS by summer it could surge back in the fall but there will be a difference our ability to go out and be able to test identify isolate and contact trace will be orders of magnitude better than what it was just a couple of months ago I'm John Lawrence reporting the latest coronavirus task force update was another chance for president trump to talk about the needs of hot spots including New York in the efforts to send supplies there Bob Costantini reports for a couple of days now the president seems to be wondering if what Uncle Sam is sending isn't disappearing when it comes to the hardest hit area of New York City and surrounding towns president trump is openly wondering about thousands of masculine ventilators he's been touting is heading there is it going out the back door and I've reported it to the city and let the city take a look at it in their news conference fueled coronavirus relationship New York governor Andrew Cuomo responding to the president we are creating a stockpile Cuomo says it's for the peak that is coming Mr trump has had to put aside his goals of quick economic recovery the economy is number two on my list first I want to save a lot of lives we're gonna get the economy back I think the economy is going to come back very fast Bob Costantini Washington Rhode island's governor says much like any other state Rhode Island has a serious need for ventilators ventilator production it's just not where it needs to be and that's a role the federal government can playing and is playing but needs to really ramp that up governor Raimondo says they were fifty five new positive cases in Rhode Island for a total of two hundred ninety four since the virus was first detected Ford is re purposing an auto parts factory west of Detroit to start building Sam a simple ventilators to treat coronavirus patients for vice president Jim Bombeck says the company is trying to satisfy a need a

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Highest in a single day for the country

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