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Meghan Markle and Prince Harry Move to Los Angeles


Prince Harry and his wife Meghan officially made the transition from senior members of Britain's royal family to endlessly considering their waterproofing options because sure that naturally follows truth well what else have they left to do you can't have one without the other there is a that they're they they they are no longer oils and so Harry said to Meghan Meghan what would you say if we consider our waterproofing options and she said oh Harry those are endless support we will I'm calling B. S. on the endless bird there have some remains to waterproofing options it's unclear what they're going to be international celebrities charity patrons global influencers the royal Lytham that the couple triggered in January by announcing that they would step down from official duties give up public funding C. credential independence and swap the UK for North America becomes official today the movie's been more complicated and poignant by the global corona virus pandemic which finds the couple and their ten month old son Archie in California far from Harry's father prince Charles was recovering after testing positive for covert nineteen and Harry's for ninety three year old grandmother Queen Elizabeth the second as we all feel the world at this moment seems extraordinary fragile the couple said in the initial post Monday on there now mothballed Sussex royal Instagram account they can't use the Sussex royal Instagram account any longer they aren't authorized what's most important right now is the health and well being of everyone across the globe in finding solutions to the many issues that have presented themselves as a result of this pandemic I by the way Harry is sixth in line to the British throne so you give them all on the list bill given I six thousand or more but given you know six the one you think will that'll never happen well although given today's circumstances we don't know that do we so what you know what will they do I think it's fascinating all of those it will be all of those things like old one again wants to she wants to go back to acting right get back to acting and I think they both third interested in charity work I think it'll be all those

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Meghan Markle and Prince Harry Move to Los Angeles

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