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SpaceX wins NASA contract to send cargo to lunar Gateway with new Dragon XL craft



NASA SPACEX are working together on the the freaking Moon Orbiter Right. So we have the same coming up in two thousand twenty four. Nasa is going to be landing people on the Moon in twenty twenty four the artist program and they have a lunar orbiter. It's a station. It's like a waystation that astronauts will go to before they go down to the moon so they'll dock with this thing and then they'll get resupplied get whatever they need to get done you know. Grab a bite. E whatever they gotta do and then they'll go down to the surface of the Moon in when they're done with the surface stuff whenever they're done with their silencing they're gonNA go back up to this orbital laboratory and do what they gotta do and then come back home back to Earth which is amazing. So that being said NASA has partnered with SPACEX AND SPACEX. Going to be making a capsule that goes to the resupply station or on the Moon. The deep space resupply. It's called the cargo dragon. Xl Cargo Dragon Xl. It's insane it's insane. This is actually happening right so we WANNA make sure that everybody knows what's going on the Dragon. Xl has been revealed and it is huge huge news for the Lunar Gateway. Because before this we didn't know what was going on. We didn't even know like a couple of weeks ago we didn't even able to lunar gateway was still going to be a thing. People that are in charge of the money for NASA or thinking. You know maybe we're GonNa pull some funding away. Maybe we don't need the lunar gateway. Maybe these people don't need a way station between the Earth and the moon but NASA today said. Hey we need this. We do need a lunar gateway and we're going to be hiring spacex to do artists contracts. So in their press release they say NASA has selected spacex of Hawthorne California as the first US commercial provider out of the gate logistics services contract to deliver cargo experiments at other supplies to the agency's Gateway in Lunar Orbit. The award is a significant step forward for Nasr's Artemis programme that will land the first woman in the next man on the Moon in twenty twenty four and build sustainable human lunar presence at the moon and his partners will gain the experience necessary to mount a historic human mission to Mars and Jim Brian Stein. Who's the head of NASA? The administrator? He says this contract award is another critical piece of our plan to return to the moon. Sustainably the gateway is the is the cornerstone of the long-term artists architecture and deep space commercial cargo capability integrates yet another human industry partner or American industry partner into our plans for human exploration in preparation for a future mission to Mars spacex his contract. How crazy is that space x kind new to this space stuff right? I mean they've been in a for a while but they're the new kid on the block. They haven't been around as long. As somebody like Boeing. They're not as big as somebody like the U. L. A. The aren't part of you. Know the normal kind of architecture like Northrop Grumman. Somebody like that spacex has been doing a lot of missions though. They've been sending a lot of things to the Space Station for a long time. They had twenty s missions to the space station. And they've done a great job that so because of those things they know. The SPACEX can make the craft that can supply the lunar orbiter the lunar gateway with the essentials for humans to go to the moon. And this is the Dragon. Xl It's awesome looking. Well it's pretty boring to be honest with you. It's cylinder and has you know solar ray solar wings if you will on either side and it's just basically cylinder but it doesn't need to look cool you know. It doesn't need the look amazing or sweet but it's very Trustworthy sure because when the star business thing and they get it to a place where SPACEX and Nassar happy with it. That's only four years away in these times that we're living in right now for years away. It's really not that far everyone So for years away something look forward to and they have to send supplies before the people get there and they have to make sure that this lunar gateway works before the people get to the moon so this is GonNa happen before for years. It'll happen probably in the next couple of years before anybody gets there they have to send stuff up there before People get there and they have to make sure they do the test to make sure that thing is capable of handling people while it's in lunar orbit the Lunar Gateway has to be in a good spot technically before people board the thing so they're going to get supplies up they're gonNA get people up there and then when they send the people to Lunar Gateway. Those people are going to go to the moon might even send people to the lunar gateway to be like. Hey we're in the lunar gateway and we're going to hang out here for a little bit to make sure this thing works and you know they're gonNA be there for a couple of days probably check it out and then go down to the mood. I'm not sure the timeline of what's going to happen. Because they haven't they haven't even released that yet. They're not one hundred percent sure but they have this huge gateway configuration in. It's GONNA turn out to be something like the International Space Station. They have ISA involved with this. The power and perform Propulsion they have international habitation module. They have robotic arms from Canada. They have another candidate arm. They have an Isa Orion Service Module They have a multipurpose module. They have Habitation modules from NASA all sorts of things going on at huge huge solar. Ray So this is going to be a big thing. It's going to be a big deal. So basically we have a space station which is lower here in his orbiting the earth right now and You know from there were. We've just been stuck in that orbit for a long time at the International Space Station. Haven't really gone farther than that. Other than Hubble a longtime since since the Space shuttle. So yeah. That's it's a new thing you know and it's going to be really awesome

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SpaceX wins NASA contract to send cargo to lunar Gateway with new Dragon XL craft

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