Announcement: Is the Corona Virus Putting Social Classes Against Each other


Downsizing is going hours. Putting social classes against each other is a coronavirus giving some the idea that one social class determines whether one should live or die. I am not normally what you call it a little person. I live in the US. A country that program prize itself in diversity and the rights of individuals. But recently I have read two articles the WHO really frightened me. It seems that the coronavirus is giving some people. The idea the song working class people should die in on a for the economy to survive in other words it in another Ogle. Trench doctors have come with the idea that African countries should be infected with coronavirus and then their experimental vaccine should be tested on these people. I'm putting both to these articles in the description box so it seems rather than becoming won't enlighten about the fact that this virus can decimate in kill anyone regardless of race or social class would want the value other people's lives in this is so is there any hope for us any of us to survive this virus able. Everyone should speak with one goal in mind. What affects one can affect. Oh we need to stop this virus now. Now remember that life is about possibilities in not impossibilities to next on state will.

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