How to Home-School Your Kids Like a Pro During Coronavirus


We thought we'd do a few short episodes talking about life in these sort of more challenging times is everything is in flux so both. Sarah on iron working from home right now. I mean I always do but Sarah tell us a little bit about your situation and how this has changed with the corona virus epidemic going on. Yeah there's just I mean I'm a hospital. Worker and part of my job is clinical and part of it is more of a leadership role with our residents and everything is really up in the air right now. I'm currently working from home because I have a very mild cough and just in an abundance of caution in our healthcare system has Basically required anybody with any kind of symptoms. That could be anything to stay on out of there which is very smart to protect our patients and protect other caregivers. Because you know if we interact with our colleagues and then spent something around then that could be very bad and there's just so much uncertainty with this. We don't know you know exactly how long most people are contagious for like we don't know You know the the the rate of symptomatic shedding that happens. We don't even know how good kids are as vectors. So there's all these question marks and politics aside. I think we're all in the same boat right now as many of you guys are all working parents and we all have our kids at home. Which many view a few of you not many of you? A few of them might be home school. So that's normal but most of you probably aren't exactly no. It's funny because I've written a couple articles over the years about people who work and also home school and it's more possible in these days than it would have been like you know in the in the past that just would have been like what on earth like that. Those two things. Don't go together. But there are so many ways of working work does not need to be done at a particular time in place necessarily for some people and school actually doesn't have to be done at a particular time and place in many cases With the rise of remote learning options. I'm certainly children. Who are slightly older are able to be quite self directed in terms of their learning. And there's actually a number of like online charter schools for instance and I think you mentioned like Florida has virtual school right for for Housebound children they do like. I've had patients that use it. They haven't deployed it to any of the current students yet but I know that platform does exist. Because I've had some medically complex patients. Like patients. Going through Chemo or who? Otherwise just aren't safe to be in the regular school system Have done school from home. And it's considered actually separate from the homeschool. It's considered an actual public school called Florida virtual school. So I mean I don't know will happen. I do think everyone needs to bre- from minute because it's been like five seconds and then there's been like ninety five elaborate schedules. Maybe I'm guilty. I mean I made one although mine is like super non elaborate so involved a lot of screen time so But like I'm not super worried about my kids like losing a ton of ground. Maybe because my kids are pretty young. Yeah like if we do a couple hours of stuff each day and that can include reading will probably be. Okay yeah well. That's the cool thing. I mean from having studied a lot of home schoolers. Schedules Fun Fun fact here. My senior thesis at Princeton was actually on home schooling. That's how long ago I was interested in this topic but it was it was less common than But it the people who do this. It doesn't take six and a half hours a day. Or whatever your state mandated. Instructional time is for your for your schools. You can a lot of that. Time at school is transitions. It's Things that your kids might be doing anyway like recess or eating lunch. It's things that you might not even consider to be part of school while they are. But you might do them on your own like instrument practice for instance or reading right like having. That's that's part of it too like a elementary school teacher is GonNa have their kids. Read do silent reading for Awhile. And so that's part of it as well. So the actual instructional part can be relatively limited and still be moving forward. Mike Kids depending on age have have somewhere between two hours and fifteen minutes in three hours of stuff that I have assigned per day and an hour of that is independent reading. So we're it's it's not like eight hours a day by by any means but it's actually been kind of fun to try on. Dance Day Day. Three Day three here. Oh right your little bit. You guys were one of the first. We're on the district's too close. So we knew it was coming and we have gotten into it now but Yeah no each. We have a checklist each day which the kids have one hour reading. They have thirty minutes of math practice which we have been doing. Khan Academy in Dream Box. Ruth was creating her own worksheets for a while but then she thought better than we have a thirty minute research project which each day we have a different subject so we. I did science than we did. History today was health related so everyone research to different epidemic and they need to write me up a short report on it. You know based on link sort of based on kid age but So they can get writing practice in. How is how is Alex's report he doesn't have to do this his his He gets stories right. We're reading stories than he does Ten minutes of writing practice just just sort of keep working on the hand coordination and then we've actually been working with him through the bedtime math books which I can highly recommend they are by Laura Who did a couple of these there several of these books? But it's the idea that set up like a bedtime story so you read a short paragraph that sets up a topic and then they have four different levels of math problems associated with the story problems in so you read it to the kids in the figure it out a So we've been doing that with Alex for math cool. Yeah we have like our kids homework. They use a program called. I ready for both reading and math. I think it's a Florida state wide thing so we've just continued their normal cycle of that and we use reflex math for math. Which is more just? It's not really like they. Have I ready? Math for more concept type stuff and reflects is just like animals memorizing timetables and Cameron's trying to learn like four plus three. So we do that and then have them write a story Either like a journal? Entry of what's going on. I think those are GonNa get a little repetitive. But we'll see for Cameron. It's more leg. Tried to write one picture and then I asked him to read either two chapters of a chapter book either. Annabel can read it to cameron or he can read his own to picture books or she can like whatever they want but like two books or chapters. Yeah so sounds good animal would you do? She's like I read genevieve green eggs and Ham. Good I mean. There's so many things you learn by doing that right. I mean I. In addition to the reading practice obviously but reading out loud is itself a skill that I would say. Many adults don't do very well. That's a real presenting. Words to other people is not automatic. And so you're absolutely right about that. She's working on that now. Wait we're actually So the First official virtual Instructional Day starts tomorrow recording this on a Tuesday so the Wednesday. Our teachers are starting to send assignments So we will incorporate that into the schedule. It's mostly Jasper. Who's going to have the more formal remote instruction like his different. Teachers are posting assignments. So he's GonNa start mostly doing that. The other kids. I think it'll be more just reinforced like math practice. And things like that so you know they'll still need a few additional things to keep them busy and we are still having our nanny come because currently I still have a lot of work. Responsibilities headache seven thirty. Am Conference calls every day. And then I have to disseminate that information to the residents and trying to redesign a lot of their education to figure out how to do it remotely which is not that easy apparently now also yeah I feel like I know this is a dilemma for a lot of people but our nanny herself has sort of agreed to isolate Incidentally she has like the same coffee shop. So I'm not worried about transmitting or getting or giving her 'cause that already happened before all of this but yeah. I know. This is sort of a dilemma for some people whether or not. It's even okay to do that. There are a lot of college students that currently have a lot of free time. That might even you know I was thinking about. It might even be willing to live in if you have the space to keep them so they could become a defacto additional family member. If you really need some somebody You know you can pay them. They can earn extra money. And you could get your remote work done without worrying about an infection risk. Especially if they're willing to to stay with

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