Tesla to Suspend U.S. Car Production


General Motors and that she Mary Barra met with the presidents and discuss reducing ventilator she normally GM production in North America is on pause until at least March thirtieth anyway so C. N. B. C. sources have said the GM would be would be adjusting its equipment but devoting extra factory space to actually make the ventilators now on the tech front Ilan musk he's trying to help as well earlier this week the Tesla and SpaceX CEO tweeted out that he'd he got he that he would conscripted those companies to make ventilators if needed New York mayor bill de Blasio promptly swan dive into Muscat Bucks got mentions on the twitterverse but with the broad business shut down sweeping the globe it's not clear where Tesla and SpaceX would house the ventilator production yesterday Tesla said it was temporarily suspending production at its New York and California plants and if we zoom out and look a little closer this of ventilators are very expensive it makes hospitals reluctant to buy them in bulk if the demand will taper off before long it is only compounding the extreme shortage that according to The Washington Post this

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