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So Susan. Welcome to the show. Firstly a big thank-you. It's good to be really great chat. We have today so once again. A massive thank you. I think what I like to start wave is if you could give us a bit of a background to yourself and your experience on the Muslim conversation as we go home okay well Almond Aren. I have an MBA and also a masters in health science. And I am a certified Yoga teacher for over twenty years. I also have written seven healthy. Living Books Two of them on Yoga and four of them basically on how to get off sugar and CARBS and overall improve your health weight and Diet Amazing. Not Something I definitely want to touch them a lot as well as obviously we know that it can be difficult to stick of change on lifestyles for the better of God's nutrition said now be a strong theme proud podcast. And I'm very interested to hear what you had to sail nuts but I think what I I wanted to touch on really is not obviously from your backyard. It's amazing to hear that you use ronin practice really to get yourself back to being fit and healthy when you came to the age of fifty and I think if you could give all audience a of background as that period of your life and what you went through on the procedures you put in place nursing so fight to help and they'll be very interesting. Okay so our at forty five for forty nine years I had great help and then at the age of fifty. I lost my help. I had ten medical diagnoses in two surgeries and it was all from. It stemmed from an abscessed tooth and oh I had Depression Ovarian cysts hole in my retina. Candida infection of my gut vitamin D low. I mean just one thing. After another and my health declined. The doctors you know. Put me on adrenal fatigue. Vitamins Hormone Green this that the other they did the two surgeries and then they were like. Um You know that's all we could do for you so I started looking nurse and start looking at a different alternative methods tried acupuncture massage but the one that was effective was I had a colonic. Irrigation which is like a royal enema because my stools changed after they had put me on antibiotics and steroids. When I had my emergency root ca now and the colonic therapists found that I had a candida infection of my call. One and Candida is a yeast and it grows up normally a pencil in on our body but when you take antibiotics that kills the good guys. You're good gut buddies probiotics and you got in. It allows the bad guys to take over. And some of those bad guys could lead to an auto immune disease it could lead to leaky gut and then for me at led to a candida infection. I went to my internal medicine doctor and he did not know how to treat a candida infection. I had to research on my own to figure it out. You have to Candida loves sugar. Carbs refined carbohydrates and alcoholic beverages at loves the sugar. It takes over your appetite and so you have to. You have to start it and you starve it by going on an anti candied diet. Cutting out all the white sugar white flour white rice even fruits. I had to do that for eight months. Go on a candy to cleanse and then I finally got my house back. It's amazing NASA you. You obviously had versa had led up so you really in the Youtube your health back on track and then obviously you did manage to discover a away technique to to actually nurse yourself to health. Did you struggle? With the first eight months of presumed there was a sort of a transition period. Where you're cutting out all of these processed foods and your body is craving them. Can't SIP is very hard. It took a a lot of self control and and I would take. I'd have one good day and then I'd have three bad days and then I had two good days and I'd had one bad too. You know it was like three baptist. You just don't know if you're ever GONNA get your help back if you're ever going to feel good again so you know my heart was just you know compassionate to others. And that's why I wrote of the book seven steps to get off sugar and carbohydrates because I know how difficult it is to fight those cravings. Yes I think we all really do. They win how a new particularly having to completely strip the mouth yacht. What clicks view. Then that allowed you to go from this Yoyo period of maybe being good for one two days and then having a bad day to actually having sustainable change to your your lifestyle and your attrition in your approach to the foods you intake well you know I did not realize how wonderful it was to be healthy until I lost my house. I lost my health. I was like I'll do anything to get this back in once I gained knowledge and I understood what was taking over my appetite. Then it was like okay. I've got this basically you know this bad back bad yeast and my God. I'M GONNA kill that guy and I'm going to get my life back so you have to figure out the root cause of your problem and then gain knowledge to be able to turn things around and so I created a quiz for people to see if they do have candied infection of their of their guts called Candy Quiz. Dot Com and candy is spelled C. A. N. D. I. Quiz Dot COM view foulland than the record. Obviously it does divert but depending on the person but what's through 'cause you found for the majority of people is it's a lack of knowledge. Is it that? There's on that half that half and not really not one hundred ten percent into it is it because they're not realizing the why of how wiser important to be healthy while you hit it on the nail with the lack of knowledge you know because okay it used to be the low fat diet was the style and now it's the Kito Diet and they're totally opposite in which one is right. Yes so you've got you've got to go to a great resource so I'm an R. N. I have a masters in health and who who looks at the research articles to figure out what is the right way to eat and it's basically back to the garden back to the garden the farm the ranch. You want things to look like they did. When it came out of the garden so number one was lack of knowledge. Number two was like me a Candida and action the third root cause for potential. We not eating appropriately or while is an addiction a sugar addiction. Because sugar and wheat go up to like the brain receptors in our brain. That are the same ones that opiate drugs. Goto so they've done. Mri Imaging and somebody who Um has a food addiction can look at food in those same areas light up in the MRI as they do for a cocaine addict so if you gain knowledge and understand okay. I have food addiction. Then you can say you know what I can use other tactics to release that. Feel good neuro hormone from my brain which is dopamine. I can walk. I can do yoga. I can meditate. I can Hug My kids I can pet my dogs. There's so many ways to get out there and get those endorphins released positively instead of through food definitely thing exercise. You've mentioned on for them. Is it such important one nuts? You really do. Not necessarily you are exercising but the feeling awkward. When you're to release it does really give you a rush a therapeutic feelings. I think that's a you've hit the nail on the head as well. Yes send you see once you gain the knowledge and I have a link in my book where you can go and take tests to see if you do have a food addiction and yet once you understand like I understood that I had to fight the Candida. You get to. The root cause will then. It's not a matter of self control. It's a matter of curing the root cause and when she cured that then you can get your normal appetite pack and happier self control so the the fourth reason was an emotional connection with food in many of us do have an emotional connection with food. And you know we may stuff our emotions with food. stuff our anger or hole in her art. We have unforgiveness resentment or whatever it may be and so. I haven't area my book about cleaning out your emotion

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