There's a man in your win when the fire takes. John. Gets close. Yeah. Mousa very, this is tackle talk. Welcome back to Heeb at Asri where we have the most fascinating. Absolutely. Most fascinating warriors in the United States. They come down. They hang out with you guys for an old fashioned pirate drinking today. I believe that's on the what's pirate drinking while we have to stay tuned. Find out more both Walter ni-. Who's our guest this week one of your favorites? Waltz back while hasre and he's also a fan of pirate adult beverages. So we're going to be digging into a bit of that today while we hang out, and we invite you to enjoy your tactical drinking beverage of choice while we're all hanging out today. So what else should I tell you about Walt? Well, you regulars regular force multipliers out there, you're gonna remember Walt from some of his whole Larry stories that he told one of the standouts was of course, the recon lizard on think I told you guys that. One of our listeners spotted his recom-, lizard and took a photo down range and sent it to shared it to with him. So how cool is that full circle right there? That was the may or may not someone may have in recon on a lizard. In a war is so of all the lizards that are warfighters gonna come across. They found his recon lizard that we talked about on the show how cool is. So we're gonna talk about a bunch of things today because he's got a wide range of expertise. It's P hunting big with a lot of us. You guys know I like hunting and a lot of you guys do to see that on your social media streams. So we're gonna talk hunting because he's got so much experience in weapons he was a sniper instructor need, I say more. But he also wants he left. He was also very very in the mix right in the thick of things in terms of advancing the best gear for from head to toe, basically that snipers would want to use. So I thought it'd be really cool to get his perspective on his top picks for gear for the guys who are looking for. Maybe a maybe a little upgrade for this hunting season and hunting seasons to come. So we're going to talk about that ask him to hook you guys up with that. Of course, I'm gonna hit him hard with some unexpected icebreakers you guys now you can rely on me for that. Make sure we get price. Hilarious more hilarious unforgettable stories out of him. And let's see what else. Should we talk about today? He's got quite a few Indiana Jones kinda sneak pit type stories. I think I'm going to try to get onto tell you guys about that..

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