10 Least Likely and Weird Race Cars of All Time



Welcome to car stuff. I'm your host Scott Benjamin and join by Kirk Garin producer. Show as well right Kurt. Or that's right. She doing double duty again today. I think we've got a topic that both of us can. We'll probably have a lot to talk about. I think There's there's ten really unusual unlikely weird strange. Whatever you WANNA call them race cars and there's been a list compiled of course lists all over the place. This is one list I should say there's been a list compiled by a A place called driving line dot com and they had an unusual like I different one from others that I've seen which I thought was intriguing so I chose that one to kind of follow along with and then I think we're going to add our own notes because there's not a whole lot of material On each page you know. It's kind of like one of those It's like a slide show almost really when you look at it online you know below. Each photo is just a little bit of information but not a lot of information. So you know when When I when I saw the list thought well I can add something to this and make it really worthwhile for our audience. And you know something that they'd be interested in listening to and and maybe even dig into on their own and learning a little bit more about each one of these cars because they are unique in there are strange and wonderful an unusual and you know all all of the you know always you can describe a race car. That probably shouldn't be out there on the racecourse. Let's maybe the best way to put her. I mean what did you just? Just real quick. And we're not going to really dig into this. Yeah I got a few more things I wanNA talk to you about before we start today's episode. But when you saw this list that I sent over to you this This these ten unusual cars. Did you have any kind of initial Reaction to it? Yeah I mean the look of a lot of the cars is is unique when I looked at it. I went with no preconceived notions though and I tried to take each one in. Look at the era in which it raced. Things began to make a lot more sense. When you look at the cars in the landscape of racing at the time could have been ahead of its time in some ways right in some ways but other cars when you look at your like. I can't imagine at that at that time seeing that car on the race track. It'll be so unusual that it would be the one that would get all the attention You know even if it wasn't the pole sitter even if it wasn't the winner of the race of course or even if nothing really spectacular happened with it just the fact that it's on the track it makes it fascinating and unique in some way so I think it's a good list and and we'll definitely get to that you know. Let's get into some of these These these least likely and weird and unusual race cars as the author of this article says isn't it is Benjamin hunting and he is from. He's a writer from A site called driving line dot com. And that's the list of we're going to follow but I'd say we're going to add a lot to this list. And as Benjamin says racing gets weird sometimes they really does get unusual and strange and We all know this. We all know that you know racers. In a particular series. Whatever series it may be are all about bending the rules and especially? We've seen this especially in NASCAR right. Yeah we've seen it so many times in Nascar is so many different colorful characters and people that Just right in your face about it too. You know like like if it's not specifically immune exactly in the rulebook like that. I'm going to do it. And then you know. The next race has changed. You know. It's yeah the rules in the rule book and now you can't do that so they have to change their tactic and and it's kind of this This cat and mouse back and forth. You know play the game type thing that they do and and as fans we love to watch this we'd love to. We love to see the characters that are that are like a smoke eunuch or you know Carroll Shelby or any of those guys that were really you know just exciting to watch a J foyt. Whoever it happens to be it's just a it creates it creates characters SORTA. I mean a larger than life characters at the racetrack and one of the things that that results from. This is unusual. Car Design or car technology or just Tactics or you know whatever happens to be but these happen to be a the whole the whole like the complete package. These are unusual cars now again. Some of them do have just unusual technology. But along with that you know forum has to follow the function right so right This this makes You know the vehicle. Look Weird in you know. Because they're trying this new technology it makes it look unusual on the track. And that's what makes it stand out and sometimes as we said you know. These are the cars to get all the attention whether or not there on the on the pole position or win the race or don't even place at all if they make one lap. Everybody's kind of doing eye in over that one car or you know laughing at. Maybe they're laughing at it. This is on the list but a modern example of some of these types of cars will be the Delta Wing. Oh yeah that was an a sports car. Race car yeah. They're racing it anymore very unusual car. So that kind of gives you an idea if you're familiar with the Delta Wing. What we're about the dive into. Yeah if you're not take a look online I mean just do a quick Google search and you you'll be able to find the Delta wing but that is a really strange design especially I mean. Look at it next to any other car on the course at the time completely unusual. They're really strange. But that's exactly what we're talking about. And as the you know the cars as Benjamin says here you know the defy convention and a lot of cases the boundaries of good taste. And I I agree. Sometimes that's the case but you know they all have Something likeable about them as well. You know there's something about rooting for the underdog or something. You know cheering for you. Know the guy that is trying something new. Hey why not There've been again a lot of people that A lot of people that enjoy doing that. And they do so behind the The wheel of misfits like number one on our list here which is the Cadillac. Lamont Stra and I hope I'm pronouncing that right but it's a French racecar and it's a nineteen forty nine car actually Which is competing in one thousand nine hundred fifty and I'll I'll describe what's going on here but you really need to take a look at this car online you need to. You need to have an image of what we're talking about here because there is some unusual bodywork going on right definitely wind tunnel tested if for the time. That's that's pretty a pretty unique. I would imagine for road race car anyway. For any car. I think at that time. I don't think I don't think they're doing a lot of Of Wind Tunnel testing back. In that time I mean I know that you know. Of course the Wright brothers had built their you know their little wind tunnel and there were there. Were you know to test? Their designs like the tabletop version. And then later a bigger version but then and I think that you know of course there were. There were some wind tunnels around there. Were and I know that manufacturers did use them and you know there's the later I think I don't know about catch here remember when the Chrysler Airflow was bill but of course manufacturers use wind tunnel testing and they do now a lot and so two race teams. Of course I think when you see car looks like this from this era. The wind tunnel is almost always to blame to blame. They've they're designing the car based on that data that they get from the test. How does it sides? Yeah Yeah. It's a very unusual looking car to me. You know what it looks like to me and I. I'm not a huge star wars fan. Believe it or not I mean and I kind of grew up in that era and I think it was the first movie I ever saw out. You know with my parents like at a theatre back in the late seventies to me the Cadillac series. Sixty one that. This is built from based on the nineteen forty nine. Not The not the streetcar. But this car this This Monster Stra looks an awful lot like the land speeder from From Star Wars. Yeah it really does. I mean it's not the same color is not that copper color anything but it does have a lot of similarity to the land speeder. Yeah and it looks like it's almost hovering above the ground. You can't really see the wheels underneath it. It's such an unusual designed very very strange. Very cool now But imagine seeing this in nineteen fifty on the racetrack in LME. Because that's where raced Briggs Cunningham was the one who took this car and again underneath? It's nineteen forty nine Cadillac series. Sixty one is a couple of cars that he actually brought. He brought a factory. Spec manual equipped series sixty one coupe and the other one was the one that they had designed in the wind tunnel. And this is the the Lamont Stra Which means of course the monster and for good reason I mean when you see I guess But the the French. I think dubbed it but this car had a Three hundred thirty one cubic inch V eight that had five carburetors. And it says it ran an eventful race burying itself in the Sand Bank at one point in requiring Cunningham to leave the driver's seat and dig it out and then despite all that he finished eleventh in the race. Now isn't that unusual? I mean now think about getting out of the car having to dig out of a Sandbank. Get it back on. The course came back in racing again for the remainder of the twenty four hours whatever wherever it is and still finishing eleven in eleventh place. That's impressive it is impressive. It's impressive car survived that kind of a lick. The I think it's a decent finish. I GUESS FOR V. You know did something like that. Usually you know we've heard of these unusual cases where a driver will be in a race in the you know they. They Call Spin and so they've had a spin out. They didn't hit a wall or anything like that and yet they win the race somehow

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