Holiday shopping begins with Black Friday


I will confess that on black Friday. I want to go to the mall. I want to feel and see the hustle and holiday bustle just to get in the Christmas spirit. But this whole notion of black Friday is toast, and according to the research from the consumer electronics association. Oops. The consumer Technology Association is door busters. Galore. Eighty five percent of USA shoppers will buy tech gifts thanksgiving week thirty-seven percent of us will shop on black Friday. Thirty three percent of us will shop on cyber Monday. The forty five percent will shop in December. So it's all over the place and hat before Halloween. You saw the decorations go up you're gonna get flyers in the newspaper. Like, you wouldn't believe you're gonna get Email? So it's all about timing because the notion of black Friday, and a lot of younger listeners might not realize where the term came from is that in the brick and mortar days, the store would basically break even for the year because of the day after thanksgiving, everybody's off their feeling eve. They wanna get out of the house they go shop. So that's the the Genesis of the term black Friday. But as. Any event it is less significant now. And of course, ecommerce were buying a lot of things online. You wanna sound nonchalant with a bunch of marketing nerds at a cocktail party talk about Omni delivery, because they're making it as easy as possible you can order online and pick it up at the store. Amazon is driving around with these treasure trucks full of stuff. Facebook is putting pop up stores inside Macy's. Everybody's trying every way to get you. What you want and spaghetti against the wall to see what sticks because all the rules are out the

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