Monica Lewinsky reveals new details about Clinton affair and aftermath


Her secret with Linda Tripp. Here's ABC's Lana Zak. Okay, great. Where do you want to work tonight in a new interview, Monica Lewinsky revealing what led her to confined to Linda Tripp about her affair with President Clinton saying she felt Clinton? I misled her about a future job and then froze her out when he was reelected, I have this nagging, insecurity. Maybe he just did all of these things is last six months because he was trying to keep me quiet during the election. How stupid those were the conditions along with some other things that led to make confiding in Linda Tripp in a new documentary, the Clinton affair Lewinsky recalled how trip the co worker she thought she could trust secretly recorded her. They're going to try and trick you, okay? Did she ever tell you about her affair with that one even confessing to trip about her fear of betrayal? That one. I'm on the precipice of this legal nightmare. And there is one person who if she just agrees to do what she said, she always do which was protects my secret. It would maybe all be. Okay. Tom during the investigation and the impeachment Lewinsky says, she was barred from speaking. But now she sat with filmmakers for more than twenty hours. She says she hopes her voice helps other young women. Tom von Zach for us tonight. Lana thank you. And there is much more ahead on world news tonight. This Sunday the search for a missing forty Niners fan

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