Khashoggi: Trump defends Saudi Arabia as Pompeo heads to Turkey


Secretary of state, Mike Pompeo with a quick stopover in Turkey meeting with a foreign minister on his mission. To learn what happened to missing journalist kashogi earlier, the secretary met with the king and crown prince in Saudi Arabia, thorough complete and transparent investigation will also see the results of that commitment that they would show the entire world the results of their investigation. They also indicated they would get this done quickly and secretary Pompeo says the Saudis have promised to hold anyone involved accountable up to and including members of the Saudi Royal family, a Turkish newspaper is credited a graphic account of what they say was Khashoggi's murder inside the Saudi consulate in eastern bull. Paper says it's reporters have heard the audio recordings. President Trump cautioning against a rush to judgment in the kashogi case in an exclusive interview on the FOX business network. President says he's withholding a decision on an official US response. It depends whether or not the king. The crown prince knew about it in my opinion. Number one. What happened, but whether or not I knew about it.

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