Nick Bosa: Withdrawing from school to prepare for draft


Way, when you know, what's coming down the pike as far as the NFL draft and the type of contract that you'll be able to secure for yourself and your family. So football is big business and these players have to make business decisions for themselves as well analyst Damien Woody with us on the shell Pennzoil performance line. Get triple action protection for optimal engine performance with Shelby power nitro plus premium gasoline, wood, man, we were talking about this the last hour before you came on you, right? We've all known this is a big business forever. It feels like the players are finally in college football specific. I'm talking about are finally realizing, hey, we are the big business and they're beginning to understand, especially the top players how much leverage in power. They actually have. Absolutely tray. Because I mean understand this. You're talking about college football now where some OT billion dollar business. Do the schools everyone is making money in this in this whole deal except the players the school the administration the head coach athletic director, everyone is making huge amounts of money except for the player. So I think we're finally starting to see awakening from from the the, quote, unquote, labor out there that you know, what without us. There would be no multi billion dollar enterprise that is college football. And he's got a starting to make smart business decisions for themselves. Talking to Damien Woody with us. Former first round pick ESPN NFL analyst on the shell Pennzoil performance line. And with that in mind, Damian because I almost like invest to what ends up being a contract holdout, Joey Bosa knows what he's worth and is going to wait until he's on the other side before he's going to put his body on the line again for we talked about a do you does it? Get more uncomfortable for you, all of a sudden this guys who like we hinted that would you'd avian cloudy are healthy, scratches that decide going into their last year, you know, what my stocks at its highest point. I'm not going to risk it by playing any games during my final season in college. Well, I mean, listen, I bought don't think you're talking about, you know, a select few type of guys it's not like we're going to see just as onslaught of the onslaught or a tidal wave of guys that want to opt out not playing. We're only talking about the league of the elite type guys debut on clown Nick Bosa those type of guys. So I don't think this is going to be something where we're, you know, we're going to see a whole got pulled his tug move off going into the NFL Damian that we have certainly

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