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And I hate football. That's how committed I. Yeah. I'd have to watch Monday night football. Is there any sport you enjoy? No. I do like football this huge anyway, yacky, love hockey basketball off the charts. Hockey's probably the most enjoyable to watch. Okay. I love basketball. You wouldn't you baseball, man. Really? Yeah. So any your teams in they were both those same key for in the booth, and I had teams go go get into the postseason cubs, man. Which is of course, the big rival of the bruise this year. So they went a little further. Unfortunately, crazy now, salmon I can share in our misery. Yup. Yup. Yeah. No. I'm a big big baseball guy. Gotcha. They call it the great American pastime. Yeah. This I hear this. I hear and what a disgraceful sport as well. Believe is in nineteen nineteen eighteen oh, you're talking about the the black socks. Oh, goodness. Save Turner, set sport forever. I mean, every time a child comes up to me and says well you play catch with me. I say have you heard of the black socks, and they'll go no say, this is why I tell them the whole story in the whole store say, yeah. You should never play the sport. It's full of degenerate shoeless Joe. Yes. I say degenerate Van Dyke. I tell them that the sport is filled with degenerate. Yeah. Yeah. Okay. That go play hockey. That's what I tell those guys couple upstanding, upstanding, citizens those high when they're standing. Yeah. Anyway, asked the sports whatever good time of year though for it. Because we got baseball we've got hockey and basketball starting out and NFL football. This is very exciting time. As in their postseason. It's pretty much sports guys. Not a great ear to promote a TV show because so much sports. There's lots going on. And you guys are throwing thanksgiving into November tend to do about Boxing Day. When does that happen for you Boxing Day.

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