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To say seventy three degrees. Maybe inside the convention center in here. The site last night of GAB f night number one number two tonight. It runs through tomorrow night. Great American beer festival. Features four thousand beers, eight hundred sixty two thousand people over three days and a lot of those brewers come from our own state, like Longmont based witty brewing. They're pouring beer here at the festival president and brew master Ryan whippy is with us live. Good morning morning. Thanks for having me on you bet. How was last night super fun? Thursday nights. Always hectic getting are booths set up which I can see from right here, and we decorated with bunch of flamingos and lights going and our big disco ball. So once you got the lights on it was super fun and everybody enjoyed it. You know before we got in the area. I April asked how you're doing. He said it's a marathon not a sprint because you have to kind of pace yourself for for these next couple of days. Exactly. There's so many great beers here. And so many great breweries. It's a great time. Just meeting up with old friends and trying something new you guys won a medal for one of your beers last year. Hopefully, we're going to taste it here in the next. I know we're going to taste a few beers coming up in the next test. Why she's looking through you sounded good with chocolate and cocoa nibs. But how what does it mean for a brief period? And what did it mean for you? So we wanna silver for moon Dunkel last year. And it was the most amazing thing I've ever I lost my voice for like three days screaming so loud, and it just really kind of validated. The beer that we've been making for a long time. Then you get engaged to. And then we got engaged on stage, and I propose to my fiancee, Robin. And that's why you lost your voice. Yeah. Exactly. And then the gbi f- became our big engagement party. You know, ten thousand people you obviously want to have success. But I'm sure you don't go into it saying, well, I want to win a medal. It's about probably finding in making something that you're proud of that people like in taste good. And then the byproduct is the metal right? That's just something that tops the the cake. I guess exactly. There's so many great beers out there. It's really hard to win a medal these days. And so the fact that we won something was really great. But we just love making beer and something that tastes good that we enjoy. Yeah. It's so you must be so proud and heart and to see all the Colorado brewers that are, of course, there at an event like this because it's in their own backyard. But we don't you think we stand out as a state for beer when you compare it to other states, I think so we have just great beer here. Great water. The Rocky Mountain water is perfect for making great beer. And then we're the, you know, the state of craft beer where everything really started in boulder with the brewers association and Charlie pays, Ian. And it kind of blew blossomed into this huge fest in create culture that we have know you guys compete against each other because you want to sell your brand. But. The collaboration. I see is quite impressive to y'all kind of. There's a brotherhood sisterhood of y'all working together. And in you, all love each other and each other's product and work effort work efforts. And that's the best part. We get the share our work with each other. We're Bruin beers together. Sharing ideas, different flavors and types of beer. We wanna make then, you know, beer supposed to be fun. So we get to sit down and have a beer with our fellow brewers. We are going to have a beer with you. And it'll be fun in about five minutes. Okay. Dawson, stay right there. Ryan from Whitby brewing out

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