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We've got a credible prices everyday once again, text ten to four one one nine two three for complete info and how to enter picking the kids up yesterday and MAC and Gaydos, kind of doing a little ten year retrospective, they were playing some Al Sharpton. Gaydos, and Al Sharpton did not get along. Very well, so yeah. So it's been fun to to catch all that. And it's always fun to win some prizes to thanks, Maxine gate, MAC and Gaydos. It is five twenty five now and head back to the valley Chevy dealers traffic center. Here's Dani Sullivan. You got an I'm seeing a couple of sections of slowing on I ten eastbound eighty three rd avenue seventy Fifth Avenue then again between I seventeen and about seven th avenue. Now, eventually that's all going to be one. You know, what's going to happen soon and overrun, I seventy nine. It's still looks really good. If you are heading southbound around the Durango curve a little bit of break tapping just protein nineteenth avenue. No big deal right now..

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