Next Radio on now; and music licences for podcasts



From central London, the latest pod news. Next radio. The radio and podcasting conference is on today in central London speakers include Omni studio, a cost and a number of independent podcasters nature. In the week, we'll link to videos from the event. Dax has been named as distribution and monetization partner for America to point to a new political drama, serial to be released on September the nineteenth ADT security and Geico have signed up to be its first advertisers. An article in touch about music licensing for podcasts is linked to from pod news dot net today, interviewing Byuma Stemmer the Dutch collection agencies. Good news. There is a music license that you can buy to use music, bad news. These Bouma Stemmer licenses only apply to music that is aimed at the Netherlands. If you're online radio station will podcast is successful internationally. He'll have to make separate licences abroad. They ask goes on when loading music mccown always arrange that for you because we do not manage the rights to the recording. It's not as easy as it looks all through podcast. Mike clue. Oma also looks back at a dozen gaze of podcasting, Manouche Zomorodian and Jen point profiled in the New York Times promoting the second season of zigzag for

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