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Starting with the Segler problem right now in chino hills. Seventy one southbound at chino hills Parkway, it's an accident blocking the right hand lane as well as the chino hills Parkway offramp away from the south seventy one very slow right now from grand avenue to Keno hills Parkway northbound side of the seventy one you have reduced speeds from the sixty up to promote a bullet. Ninety one westbound at imperial highway. Here comes another problem in Anaheim hills. It's an accident is taking up the left hand lane. You ever do feeds on the west ninety one from weird can into the fifty five drive away from the Santa Ana canyon. Also as low ride heading to downtown, Los Angeles right now on the one ten northbound traffic start to build up right around Florence avenue and the drive to downtown on the south one zero one is slow from Melrose to the four level. KABC has dependable traffic when.

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