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Now the four day WBZ AccuWeather forecast. We're going to see lots of sunshine this afternoon, it's going to be cold. But not as harsh as yesterday, the high thirty one and it won't fall as far tonight as it did last night down the twenties with partly cloudy skies, sunshine early tomorrow will fade behind clouds. Milder temperatures. In the afternoon. The high getting up to forty seven rain in areas of fog tomorrow night into Sunday morning. Rain could linger longer in the Cape. Temperatures holding in the forties or could still be some fog issues into the rest of Sunday. If you're trying to get back into Logan or fly out to temperatures will stay in the upper forties. Rain moves Bank in Monday steady in the afternoon. The high still in the upper forty semi AccuWeather meteorologist dean devore WBZ NewsRadio ten thirty. We've got twenty nine degrees. Sunny skies in Boston. It's two twenty five on the ringcentral news line WBZ's. Laurie Kirby with women's watch..

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