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Eighteen year old Aldy nouvelle Atalanta was rescued by a Panamanian ship and crew near Guam after a storm sent his Ron Paul a wooden fishing raft. Adrift without a motor or a paddle for forty nine days within a week Adeline said he ran out of food and survived on the fish that he caught and cooked using wood from the raft. He drank rainwater, and according to one report strain seawater through his clothes and drink that Atta link says he lit a lamp on his raft every time he saw a passing ship and that happened more than ten times. But no one responded to him until three weeks ago by that time his raft drifted about twelve hundred miles from the original location in Indonesia to Guam. That's about the same distance is going from New York to Miami. The Panamanian vessel and crew responded to his emergency signal and rescued him Adeline was able to swim to safety and the crew hauled him on. The ship where they offered him water a blanket and some bread he is back home tonight with his family, but there are questions about his employer. This is the third time adelines fishing vessel went adrift the third time. Can you believe it so Jeff he actually had a radio that his employer gave him? That's how he put out the call for help. By the way, apparently told his brothers and sisters. I'm not working on that raft anymore. And

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