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Welcome to future state. I'm your host dick Clark. This is a podcast about our future future as a nation as a democracy as a people. In this period before the November elections will be talking to the real experts about some of the issues voters should be thinking about should be talking about before we vote every time there's an election. We say, how important this one in two thousand eighteen. However, the nature of our democracy is on the ballot will the American people vote to put the brakes on to put real checks and balances on the runaway presidency of Donald Trump. We're going to start this series by going to the person whom I think is the greatest living analyst of American politics, a man for whom I worked for eight years in the White House. The forty second president of the United States Bill Clinton mrpresident welcome to future state podcast. Thank you. This is a podcast about what people should be thinking about in this election season, but. It's also about what they should be doing. What are in your mind, the one or two things. People who were upset by what's happening to our country. What should we be doing. I think the two most important things they can do. Or I show up at the elections, you know, the we are in this mess. Where ended I keep in mind. This is the only country on earth. Could have had the results. We had a November of nineteen sixteen to twenty sixteen and had the guy who lost become president. I three Moluccas electoral college in no other country in the world would he be present? Secondly, I think. So we got enough people here if we show up but wasn't is Hillary. The Democrats typically now in the aggregate more votes for the Senate, give more votes for the house and because of redistricting they one and two thousand twelve. For example, President Obama narrowly lost North Carolina, but the Democrats in the aggregate one house seats, one fifty one to forty nine. And yet when the election was over, there were non Republicans and five number Kratz, right? So all this happened because Democrats thoughts independence, especially younger people and a lower income working people. People who are had to go to some trouble vote, didn't take important vote in the midterms, hard in some states, and we've we've got to get over it because what happens when you don't vote in the midterms, you wound up in effect giving up the congress. Giving up the governorships giving up the state legislatures. That's where they do all this funny business with the vote. So showing up really matters and getting your friends to show up in areas which have congressional seats that could go either way. The other thing I think would help is to for people to get out of their cocoons and go make something good happen with people. They would ordinarily meet and work with. And then I think it's a real problem for our country that nobody wants to be run anybody disagree with and they'd give up the opportunity find out if they've got anything in common. I think that's an error. So those are the two things I think are most important number one vote? Uh-huh. And in the process, should they do more than just get out and vote? Yeah, I would if they have any kind of and remember it's not just the congress, but it's really important for the number Kratz to have a plan. Tell people at this tax Bill is going to raise the cost of their healthcare by what changes it made in the healthcare law that it could imperil the pre existing conditions production that you know, at least to be fixed and it will be fixed by the Republicans because of their financial backers and talk about the importance of covering people and making it affordable talk about the importance of dealing with the opioid epidemic, which affects a lot of people have voted for Donald Trump and he promised to do something about it..

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