AT&T and HARMAN Launch Advanced Connected Car Device


This is pretty cool. You. Can now turn your car into a whole new ride with Harman's spark and get emergency crash assistance diagnostics location based services, four G L T wifi hotspot, and a whole lot more all with the little tiny Don goal that you plug into your car starting a couple of weeks ago, you can now turn just about any car into a state of the art connected car, and you don't need to upgrade to a new vehicle to hit the road. With the latest technology Harmon spark one is exclusively offered by e t for seventy nine nine thousand nine rate plans start at just five dollars per month for plans without wifi plans, including wifi or offered as both standalone. And as an addition to eligible unlimited and mobile share plans and for a limited time by a Samsung galaxy S nine s nine plus or no nine smartphone. And you get a spark for discount twenty nine nine thousand nine. It's pretty simple to use. Who you just download an out from the app store? Google play plugged the spark in to the obedience to port beneath your steering wheel. And you're ready to go. Many new cars today, come with cloud. Connectivity. Diagnostic security and infotainment. But most vehicles on the road lap connectivity. That's why AT and T in Harbin teamed up on this advanced platform that works with most nineteen Ninety-six models and newer you. Get the standard features plus in out payments on demand roadside assistance, driving tips and a whole lot more. You will essentially feel like you're driving a new car. New features get added automatically as well. With Harman's sparked just about eighty car can be transformed into an L T E connected car. You get the most advanced connected services available on most new cars, plus some that you just can't get. Elsewhere consumers today are looking for simple devices that make their lives efficient. In seamless Harbin. Spark allows them to easily into forcibly transform older vehicles in to smart cars of the future with connected applications. One of the coolest features in my opinion is watch it. It lets you know, if your car's been bumped towed or moved when you're not around it helps thirties located as well. If it's stolen roadside assistance manager is another cool one you can drop a pin at your location and request help twenty four seven pay through the spark up, and you'll be back on the road in no time that also has the wifi hotspot and many other features that

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