Newlyweds' final moments before fatal helicopter crash seen on video


All just goes. Downs. One way out. Should just be trying to hop on helicopters now because you heard somebody died. Now for me. I'm good right now. But you know, until death so death do them part. That's a shame man that sucks so bad because this really good people to pay for a helicopter. It'd probably do pretty well, let's assume and then just on their wedding day. I love you love you. Well, I saw you posted that plane today that was trying to land. And then it hit the car and the wheels off those people alive. Yeah. Okay. Good little of their videos. Did you see that? We got iota that one horse video. They're still they're still. Yeah. Conflicting reports on that. There's one person at tween assess my cousin. She's her net. Looks like a death potentially the internet is filled with death. I do not see the plane buses while you never see those planes fail on those like road landings. There's always a success story. Sali successful Denzel was drunk and successful university of Michigan had a plane that went up came down. It was. Okay. It was safe. Yeah. See there's always like there's panic and then it seems like planes survive helicopter. So seems like they do not. I don't know how Leonardo DiCaprio made it that one late night whenever he flew into his ouster wolf, offering helicopters are not done.

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