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Yes. And going on continually finally time for you to vote KTAR h is close Sandra's live with what's on the line in these two thousand eighteen midterms nothing less than control of the country. Democrats need twenty three wins in the house of representatives to control the lower chamber of congress. Jesse Kelly with our sister station K P R C nine fifty says if this happens expect one thing gridlock, they're not going to pass any legislation. The Democrats no matter what in order to appeal to their base, especially the way they're basis. Now, they will not support Trump in anything that he does Republicans are likely to retain the Senate even with Ted Cruz in a tight race with better or work here in Texas. Kelly says in the end a democratic win won't turn the country to the extreme left. What will happen? It'll be a lot more noise, but not that much different than it's been for the last two years. Maybe a lot of investigations of the president and a lot of impeachment talk. Houston democratic strategist Moustapha to me still does that if Democrats do win the house they eat to show they can govern. And that means actually working with the president. I think the Democrats are willing. To work with the president on tax reform that would bring relief to people. The bottom half. Not only just the top one percent. Polls will be open from seven until seven. Okay. And then the counting will begin are you voting to support a candidate or policy are casting your ballot in opposition to a candidate policy party? That's the question as you vote are at least we're asking you gotta KTAR H dot com. Sound off on our Facebook page. Big names came out to help the president at his rally in Missouri last night, KTAR ages. Rush Limbaugh taking a shot at former President Barack Obama. Have you seen Obama? He's been stumping down in Florida where I live. It is drawing crowds of a thousand people two thousand people Joe you can't feel the phone booth because he's looking for somebody to punch out. KTAR?.

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