Maryland woman kills three people and herself in warehouse gun rampage


Working at a drugstore warehouse in Maryland opened fire on colleagues killing three people before fatally shooting herself authorities say the temporary worker 26-year-old snow Chia Moseley got into an argument shortly before the incident at the Rite Aid distribution facility in Aberdeen people shot inside and outside the business. We believe it began outside and moved inside Harford county sheriff Jeffery Galler says there's no motive at this time. She was armed with one hand gun and several magazines. No shots were fired by any law enforcement responder workers at the facility described. Terrifying. Moments of what they called crazy gunfire. People screaming and running in all directions. The sheriff says the shooter used a nine millimeter Glock that was registered in her name. She died at a hospital from a self inflicted, gunshot wound. The attack comes almost three months after manatee newspaper office in Annapolis. Maryland five. Five staff members were killed in that shooting.

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