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Lisa Brady, Fox News. The gunman who police say dressed all in black opened fire on a bar full of college students west of L A last night. Senseless loss of life insurer county sheriff morning, a deputy who was killed along with eleven others before twenty eight year old David long, apparently took his own life Marine Corps officials tell Fox News. It's not clear why he left in twenty thirteen after serving about five years, including deployment to have ghanistan. There has been some question about his mental state police will call to his home in Newbury park back in April this year for disturbance. He was apparently screaming and throwing things around inside his house a mental evaluation team went out, but they decided that they did not need at that point to take any further action. Fox's Jonathan Hyde in Thousand Oaks for now the search for a motive in the shooting continues the captain of a tourist boat that sank over the summer in Missouri killing seventeen people is now charged in a federal indictment just announced shifty one year old Kenneth Mckee. Be charged with seventeen counts of misconduct and neglect has a boat captain the deadly duck boats sinking near Branson in July. Seventeen counts represents a life. That was lost. When stretch duck seven sank while being piloted by Mr. Mckee, US attorney Tim garrison the accident happened during a surprise storm that produced near hurricane-force winds, the company that operated the boats suspended operations also amid a one hundred million dollar lawsuit. Japan also among the dead nine members of one Indiana family, the US coastguard found probable cause the accident was caused by McGee mckee's misconduct negligence or.

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