Takeaways from the Midterm Election


Here's the Democrats got control of the house of representatives. And that's a win for the Democrats. The Republicans gained seats in the United States Senate could be as many as fifty five that is also a win for the Republicans and a win for the president because he ultimate firewall in. Any of these issues is the United States Senate? That's the cooling off point. They used to call it. And that's how I view it. So the Democrats won the house the state wide races tended to go to the Republicans. The Democrats picked up some governorships as well. And the twenty twenty campaign starts, that's how I view, but I'm gonna I'm gonna go right around the horn here and kind of get everybody's you'll start with. What is your takeaway from last night number one? The Republicans gained seats in the Senate. What does that mean, it means that judicial? Appointments will move forward under this administration. In other words, the president will be able to appoint and confirm judges who believe in the rule of law believe in the constitution that will indeed be his enduring legacy. Number two. There's a challenge that awaits democratic leadership in the house will they work with the president on bipartisan issues, which advance the interest of working and middle class Americans. Or will they focus on opposition? And investigations that question is yet to be answered. Well, and also Jay you're going around the horn, if a president and the president can can issue executive orders, and they can be changed by the next president legislation enacted by congress can also be changed. But judges have lifetime influence over the United States of America. He already has eighty four judges that have been approved during his first two years. A lot more needs to be approved. If you had to have one chamber of the congress that you have control over it needs to be the Senate. He did that and the Republicans have actually increased their majority in the Senate that will be the most significant thing to ensure an effective presidency of the next two years. So Jordan Republicans beat Bill Nelson. Republicans beat Joe Donnelly, they beat Claire mccaskill they beat Heidi. Heitkamp might be Jon tester. That race is still ten percent out tester has a thousand volt leader. So I mean, so again, those four all voted against Brett caviar all four try to play to the middle and try to act like moderates. And they're the people there states have said, no, we don't buy that. And by the way, your votes show, it clever can even tried to say, I'm not one of those crazy Democrats Sopher. She votes always against always against everything that would be considered even moderately conservative. So I think again, it was a great night's statewide for governor a for a lot of governors races. Well, Democrats did well and some other governors racist. But I will say that there's still more Republican governors in the country twenty-seven, then there are democrat governors. So you have a state advantage there of who is leading or states. It is Republican governors. I think the house. Yes, it could it could have gone better for Republicans. I think the president's right? There are a lot of Republicans that are going home that never fully embraced President Trump. And the kind of cleared them out of the house, and these are all up for real unlike the Senate these are all up for reelection in twenty twenty when President Trump is back on the fan Bennett. So legislation. It was always going to be partisan like the tax cuts. It was important to get that done in the first two years. They did it. Now, they're going to have to shift on legislation to things that are more bipartisan. I think the president's well positioned to do that the two additional items think about how much easier it would be to fill a supreme court vacancy with fifty four or fifty five Senate seats than with fifty one in the final point. I would make the most important power for continuing your draw down the regulatory burden on US companies that exist

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