Dez Bryant lands one-year contract with surging New Orleans Saints


I don't obviously. But if I did because who cares? We don't care about the money because it's not our money. Well, let's make it your money guys. Would you spend three hundred and fifty million dollars? If feel competent about it on Bryce Harper. No, I wouldn't. But I do want to say thanks to listen to you make a lot of arguments there in the make a lot of sense. But you can't throw the he's never wanna playoff series, Adam. Because you're the one that's been a spa espousing for the golden bat thing there are many times where he doesn't even get a chance to win those playoffs. Series everything else in that sense rival, thank you drag. Well, that's the let's take that have ninety percent of what I say all the time makes sense. Listen. Traits usually fifties ninety. I mean, that's that's pretty good. But that's the problem dry. Problem with baseball. You're going to pay a guy standing Gundy said this yesterday, you're going to pay three hundred and fifty million dollars who comes up four to five times a game. It's ridiculous. And when he comes off you bats to forty eight it's absurd absurd. Absurd. I listen. I agree with you. And yet he's going to get it from somebody. As is Scott Boris, his agent says Harper's bazaar is now open. Okay. We'll see where that goes. All right. Let's go to college. Let's start in basketball for Zion. Williamson RJ Barrick camera Duke. Did it Kentucky? I have said Stuart's gonna make people pay attention to college basketball before we normally do which is after the Super Bowl. Yeah. It made us. I mean, listen, we've never talked about college basketball so early in the season ever in the history of our show, and we were talking about it yesterday because Duke stole the show they stole the sports worlds. I am Williamson. The thing about Zion. Williamson guys he was a YouTube sensation before this. So everyone knew about this. But to see play out against Kentucky article and to see that he's just not a dunker. He's the guy who has actual game. He has range. He has touched. He could distribute the ball. It is it is absolutely breathtaking. It was amazing to watch. And. Yeah, we're all going to tune into watch. These freshmen bly and watched it fifteen play at see if maybe if they can go undefeated. Maybe it'll be the best team ever, which is saying something when you consider the school. We're talking about it was amazing. It was fun to watch. They had made college basketball interesting in a way that it hasn't been the regular season for college basketball in a way that it hasn't been since maybe the fab five I don't know what the last time we were interested in a college basketball team. Yeah. Your rights. Do we we had this note today dukes go to one hundred and eighteen points in that debut? There were twenty NBA teams in action last night and they play eight minutes longer. None of them got one hundred. Yeah. Utah Utah was a crisis. They got one hundred seven Stu, and by the way, they did it against Kentucky, by the way. Kentucky. Jank John Calipari was sitting there with his laws look on his face. And I can't believe that coach K is now doing what I've been doing for years because coach guys going to do it better than I've been doing the thirty four point loss for Calipari. His worst ever as a college or NBA coach going to college football the first two weeks of the rankings. We have pretty much pick who they were going to be where do you see the possibility of a shakeup happening going in the next few weeks? Well, Mike, this is interesting. Right. And I have a question for you guys are related to college football. But this is interesting. So let's say Georgia beats Alabama in the SEC championship game. There's no scenario which Alabama is not getting it. But what happens there? So does Michigan get bounced out? Once Notre Dame get bounced out, Mike, I would ask you this because they put this committee together to have some sort of vision. Where does this not the four undefeated teams make it to the final four, Mike? Michigan played Notre Dame right now the debt are they neutral field who do you think would win that game? Who was the better to there is no way. Saying michigan. Everybody's saying Michigan would blow out Notre Dame Michigan has gotten better. So is Notre Dame? You realize Notre Dame did since that first game. They have a quarterback who leads the nation in completion percentage. Okay. So yeah, he's heard he's going to miss this game. We'll be back next week. So to say that all of a sudden Michigan with blowout. Notre Dame to me is ridiculous has Michigan gotten better. Absolutely. They've gotten better. But you asked me I've already said if Georgia beats Alabama they're both in Clemson wins out there in and if Notre Dame wins out there in and Michigan is going to get left out. Now, Paul finebaum went the other way. He thinks Michigan may get in over. Notre an undefeated Notre Dame team. I don't think that would happen. But then again, I'm not one of the thirteen that are that are picking that are deciding this.

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