The good and the bad - Democratic midterm results


We started talking about wave of women nudity elected. Oh, I think it's a huge shift. And I think we'll see it it won't just be the year of the woman. I think the seeds of the decade the women were planted because not only did we elect women in a different kind of woman at the top. But we feel the pipeline with tons of women in state legislative races and county commission races and Agee's people that are running for Senate and president and governor for eight years from now we'll have won their first election last Tuesday. But what's so interesting? I think listening in we've had guests from based parties and also with different positions here on this show. It's not entirely clear who's supposed to be happy with the result. And who's supposed to be a bit disappointed. Yes. Particularly jealous. Help me out here. Well, I think the fat is hassle and having MJ for everyone. I mean, we accomplished our biggest goal which was to take that house and the singularly most important thing we also elected a number of governors, including in the three states that account for Donald Trump being president, Michigan Wisconsin, I'm his Vania. We laugh at eight by eight thousand votes, Donald Trump would not be president. If we had won those states, we elected democratic governors in all three of done democratic governors. Do you make a difference? So I think we accomplished that we also elected a record number of women and mobilized a female base. That's sad. Donald Trump lean in a way that no one else has ever done that we've ever seen in any midterm election democrat or Republican he mobilized the Trump voters, not just Republicans Trump voters. He worked hard to define the race. And did it for. Space. Not so successfully for swing voters, but he proved how formidable he is and how formidable he will be in twenty twenty. I it sounds like you gave him sort of more credit for thinking things through. Then a lot of this was sympathetic to the Democratic Party. Would I be right? Well, I think he's a brilliant strategist he understands its brand. And he understands how to create his reality show, and he understand and he's willing to play a very high risk Dacians role in that reality shows. So I think he's quite formidable letting his team has fight formative on would be very foolish to underestimate him. Because that's a great way for him to get reelected in twenty twenty that love to know, what it is that you think the democratic policy has to learn from these midterms unpack from the fact that Blue Wave became a-, depending on whether you're at Optima sto Oles so preps a series of blue splashes. I think the Blue Wave was more of a blue swell. And but I think it had that makings from the beginning. I think a lot of the press accounts were overstated that's sad. I think there are two things that we learned and saw more than learn in twenty teens one is we mobilize our base. They mobilized their this is the first time in a midterm election where both bases were mobilized. Secondly, the Democrats must get an economic message. Either the election we lost salary. The people who thought the economy was in good shape. And we were fifteen points behind the Republicans on the Konami we could make it through twenty eighteen like that. We will not win twenty twenty like that. The Democrats must get an economic news.

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