American missionary killed by tribe on remote Indian island


The oldest US military survivor of the attack on Pearl Harbor has died in power in San Diego County ABC's Chuck Silverton says racia- vez was on the minesweeper US Condor on December. Seventh nineteen forty one. Crews believed to have been the first to make contact with the enemy when they spotted a Japanese periscope. An enemy mini-submarine destroyed by the worship ward last May President Trump honor job is in DC during Memorial Day services Chavez was one oh six. He's expected to be buried in Miramar national cemetery arraign related beach advisory in LA county is in effect through Sunday. Health officials say people should be careful in the ocean. Because bacteria in other gunk has probably gotten into the water through storm drains, a fatal six car crash in Redondo beach started but someone running around light. A car ran a red at an intersection along PCH and rented a cars that were traveling on the crossroad in both directions yesterday. Eight people were taken to the hospital. The one fatality was the driver who caused the crash. Crowds in New York City braved fifteen degree weather to watch the Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade. This year's performers included Diana Ross, Martina McBride pentatonic and John legend Muppets were there as well. Macy's lend a virus says the balloon handlers were prepared if wind gusts got to be too much only once in the history that the balloons not fly because of weather that was nineteen seventy-one Twitter wasn't cool with what looked like lip synching by Rita ORA and other performers. The parade has come out to say, hey, there were some technical issues with some of the acts sixteen helium filled balloons, including SpongeBob Charlie Brown and the Grinch floated above the parade. Route

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