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Four disappointed pistons forward Blake Griffin said he was pretty confident while scoring nineteen points in the final period. Offense. Getting stops. Who knows over a bucket? Toronto beat Atlanta and Knicks beat Boston for their snapping a six game skid, Chicago beat Phoenix. Milwaukee over Portland Lakers beat Cleveland Denver over Minnesota. The Dallas Mavericks beat the Brooklyn nets, Memphis speech, San Antonio, Sacramento over Utah and Oklahoma City beat the Golden State Warriors. This is SR in sports. In college basketball, third rank Inzaghi became the first team ever to beat Duke in the Maui invitational. The top ranked blue devils had been seventeen in all time on the island, but the number three zags one eighty nine eighty seven in the title game fifth-ranked Tennessee handled Louisville ninety two eighty one in the season tip off semifinal game. And number twenty five Wisconsin beats Stanford sixty to forty six in the first round at the battle four Atlantis Olympic medalists. Lindsey Vonn says she's down but not out after hurting her Nina training, crash inner social media post von did not specify which Nishi hurt in the wipe out on Monday. But she says she won't need surgery to repair the damage and Detroit Lions may not have to deal with quarterback Mitch Trubisky when they host the Chicago Bears. Thanksgiving Trubisky listed as doubtful with a right shoulder injury after Sunday night's win over Minnesota. This is SR in sports. Honestly, this is it this is it. Show. It makes me feel so important. That's what I'm talking about. What's going on in the news? Dana us freedom is bare bones straight note chaser. Limited government take care of yourself, dad. Everybody else's life. The government stays out of your life. Enjoy the fruits of your labor, and when you scroll up you've gotta deal with it. That's the big news of the days, but not much else. Here's your participation trophy. Danish show. We have to move beyond politics that.

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