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On the four, oh five highway that examples in you stuck in traffic jams and the streets are going to be a wide open, and you don't even know in because they are drivers that are currently driving on the streets ways. Thus, no, that then can route you to avoid these major traffic jams or or major accidents or even on daily routines. Sometimes I think about the people living in the houses of these once quiet streets and now with the advent of GPS systems and and ways all of a sudden you have all these fast cars moving through these once quiet streets, you know, to avoid the highways. It's just an interesting transition degree. So you know if all the drivers would be using ways what the system will actually do is optimize traffic around the entire nation, right? And the that will be the best optimizations for everyone, but not for a single person. How does one confirm. The veracity of the content. So the compound is being Goede medically confirmed by the number of users. Right? So, for example, if someone driving and report there is an accident, then the next driver is actually going to get on the lair telling him, be careful. There is an accident I had of Hugh right then and.

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